Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-12-03 | 03:16:31

Might I suggest to draw the arrival dot too? It should be useful for e.t.a. for example... ciao

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-03 | 09:35:57
The marks are announced in the official briefing and the dot is not. But they are close enough and it does not really matter. And the simulator is not terribly useful for the endspiel anyway - coastline is a bit different than in the game, so you better watch the game interface.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-12-03 | 22:09:17
sorry Ivanov, a misunderstanding (arrival/final are probably the wrong terms). I meant the black dots SS draws in any suggested course; I noted those courses never end with a dot.
Does not matter the lenght and/or where those paths terminate (1,3...7 days) ... My idea is to have a black dot onto the end (with no route information) with the eta information required to reach it (T+999)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-03 | 22:42:05
Oh, I see. It's hard to do it in my current setup. The halting criteria is coming within certain distance of the finish point.

But maybe some improvement is possible, because now the routing is not displayed at all when you are close enough.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-12-23 | 16:33:54
Another one ;)

Should be nice to have black dots on the GC too (for example every time CG crosses the 12h blue line)... to have a comparison with the proposed course.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-23 | 20:57:54
How about a ruler below the lat/lon display? Showing distances to cursor and from there to the current destination?
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-12-23 | 22:07:08
... from the boat to curson and to destination... via GC? good
Post by iconPost by wedoarc-3 | 2011-12-23 | 22:52:20
Cvetan, i it possible, like i use(d) to have a crosshair like in autocad, this appears vertical and horizontal (similair as rulers). Maybe if possible, that you can choose evenly pointer of crosshair, see example links....
Crosshair ruler:
Crosshair pointer:

This is helpfull for finding a certain position of other boats, on the map, for your course.

Is it possible to 'plant' waypoints to create your own path ?
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2012-01-03 | 15:17:26
If I had to vote for the next feature... the black dot at the end of the course should be certainly the top one.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-04 | 14:03:54
The current design is leftover from the French games where you don't cross a line but have a circle instead. I'll think about efficient way to check for line crossing without too much spherical geometry.
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