New leader - seems to be using Zezo
Post by iconPost by MikeFloutier | 2021-01-06 | 19:13:30

I assume everyone has noticed the new leader, Donald Crowhurst, aka Ciaran44400 - 😂

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Post by iconPost by MikeFloutier | 2021-01-06 | 19:15:40
Sorry, I know this is off topic but this is the only VR/VG forum I’m involved in.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-06 | 19:29:28
It's not off topic. We cant's only discuss the game bugs. Can have some fun sometimes.
Post by iconPost by Farandole2 | 2021-01-06 | 20:17:43
why we have not the same speed on zezo and on the game ?
Post by iconPost by MikeFloutier | 2021-01-06 | 21:45:42
Phew, thanks Cvetan, I thought I might get banned.
Post by iconPost by Azerty38 | 2021-01-06 | 22:43:48
Did you change the Polars of Jules Verne 2020 in zezo since monday ?
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-01-06 | 22:44:56
I propose that we petition VR to have his boat's name changed to Rosie Ruiz (google that if you have to)
Post by iconPost by Furious | 2021-01-08 | 00:33:35
Good one Boo, I hope this has not happened anywhere in VR
Post by iconPost by CRISTAU | 2021-01-08 | 04:11:43
I got this problem also, we have to be careful, if you check a black dot at 10h30 away, the grib will give you the wind at 9h or 12h, this may explain some difference? But in the last weeks, I noticed that even on the first point (+0h), there can be a difference, also when I try to put on the same line the green and the black or red and black lines, I noticed a difference of angle of up to 10° as displayed for the 2 lines. Also starting from the horm I often see up to 20° difference on my boat present position for VR wind and Zezo wind.
Post by iconPost by aerobert | 2021-01-13 | 17:12:38
Who is leading the Vendee Globe?

best placed I can find is MARCHABOB

c.7h behind
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2021-01-13 | 17:15:57
Tigrou and Thor 250 at least are ahead or Marchabob. Clearly
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2021-01-13 | 17:16:59
McFly also, Majin as well.
Marchabob is maybe 20th, approximately.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2021-01-13 | 17:36:34
Hopefully in another day or so, the leaderboard will finally show the real leaders. I know I'm not leading, but I have no idea if there are 10 boats ahead of me or 200.
Post by iconPost by Rostef | 2021-01-13 | 19:04:46
Iona29 also very close to tigrou. in my opinion was leading the west group at the equator.
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2021-01-13 | 19:17:58
Rostef, I want to tell you that you deserved a way better final place. I was really close to you all the way until Fernando, and I assume it was a nightmare for you to see all the boats come back without any way to control. In all the past editions (if I remember well), you would have won VG. (and i would have been close).

And YourMom, hat offs! I was way ahead of you, but as usual you get the last words. I'm really impressed.
After VG, I will take time to try to understand how the west was so winning. I have missed something. I will check, but i'm pretty sure, that very few scenarios of GEFS were predicting this ordeal.

My boat: S@S
Post by iconPost by Rostef | 2021-01-13 | 20:13:27
Thanks a lot, mate. Really appreciate.

My initial plan was to go just east of fernando. But it's the twist probably every leader is in. The southern trades started to push us east, even quite far away from my initial plan. I'm in regular contact with Iona since long, so I always knew where he was. With a (at that time) very uncertain situation in the north, and being in the lead I decided to route short term and just keep going fast north without investing too much.
And the rest is history, If the trades in the south are very south-east, and in the north very north-east, then the doldrums get painful and so does rounding the azores high.
I'm super disappointed, I was in attack mode from minute 1. Although on the wrong option after theta I managed to be ahead of the west group and crossing equator first (unnoticed of course) and well, first again at the equator going north. No reward ;-). It's the game.

I guess YourMom and I have a smiliar approach on how we want to play that game. And it contains loosing as well. Not in for a sure place in the top 500...

Fair winds and a good final stretch to everyone!
Post by iconPost by Rostef | 2021-01-13 | 20:31:04
Ah, I maybe have an answer to your question about the west routing:

The moment when you had to commit to the west route (to fully profit without investing) was before the last tack in the southern trades. And by then, it was (IMO) a one shot all or nothing routing very far west.
But then the trades shifted south east, and that one shot option actually became the (middle) route rather straight to the azores.

I also profited from a similar effect after cape horn. It was a choice to go west of the Falklands, but that meant I had to choose also a one shot inshore option routing close to the coast. But then when the depression started to speed up, this deadly inshore option actually became the best route for the initial choice of the group in between the falklands.

I would have preferred this effect to play for me on the final most important choice, but it will eventually in another race :-)
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2021-01-13 | 21:30:20
yes i was with you (immediately behind) at falklands. Only decided not to tack after falklands when at the last minute the routing was not proposing it. At this time I thought that it was a bit too risky. And when we crossed I was a few miles behind you, close to belgicus and sunnywind.
I had exact same idea "keep north, and i could go back west if necessary". And suddendly this totally unplanned SE close to Fernando hit me. Then i thought "if I go west now, then i have no chance to win as Tigrou and others will be ahead. Let's pray for a middle game" (and prediction were still ok). But then it was like every 6 hours the predictions gave more and more advantage to west. Boats that were behind me decided to go west even lately (McFly, LaFabrica), NZ-Eligo, and they are now quite well. So I think I should have moved to west.
I play like you and your mom: already finished in the 150th first past editions (with Ecajeul), thus wanted to play for the win.
This VG was really hard I think. The leaders kept seeing the second row coming back every time. Amazing.
Post by iconPost by PML | 2021-01-13 | 20:53:25
In the leading group, I can also see *Kerjouanno*, Tournesol II, jideasfogg, Arnno, Devisementdumonde 2, rafal71-TPN (who passed through point Nemo!), banzai49tpn, meli59 and cray07.

Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-01-14 | 08:21:30
Could well be that we see Rafal walking out of the clubhouse with a watch on both wrists :-) He sure knows how to play this game, well done!!
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2021-01-14 | 10:42:07
Rafal is too far away to win, IMHO. at least 1h behind leaders. Only small gains are possible now.
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-01-14 | 11:14:09
Yeah I suppose so, but what a race considering he did Nemo and spend some time below the ice limit!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-14 | 15:34:17
Incredible. Went for the Nemo, then went East after Cape horn (which caused the main group a huge delay) and still in front of me.
Post by iconPost by Paul Shore | 2021-01-13 | 23:19:03
Forza Cvetan!! Forza Cvetan!!!
Forza Big Bird!!
Paolo (from Italy, currently in Portugal)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-14 | 17:33:45
I'm almost going to make it into top 100. Maybe a bit above. Not bad for playing without making deep analysis, just following the experience from previous races.

Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-01-14 | 19:24:42
Wello done Cvetan, really good!!
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2021-01-15 | 00:20:31
I haven't been doing excessive analysis either. Decisions have been experience-based interpretations of what Zezo recommends, and experience-based selections of router destinations. Well do, Cvetan. I'm always happy to see Big Bird finish near the front. Let's see if you can beat Toppen... :-)
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2021-01-14 | 16:05:51
Rafal is quite good, and experienced. He likes to take risks, and sometimes they pay. He persistently kept pushing the West, and West kept paying. "Simple" as that... ;-)
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-01-14 | 19:32:07
I left him behind me going North from CH, but like I said he hit the ice for a bit, in front of him up to Noronha where he finally went passed me further West, did just a straight line up for a few days. Has left me in the dust ever since and now he´s having you for breakfast :-) Good luck!
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2021-01-15 | 00:21:18
He had me for breakfast a couple days ago. I'm preparing an evening snack at the moment.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-01-15 | 09:24:48
I looked at the tracks today. He was about a day back at Horn, then overtook us while we were stuck in the high few days later.
Post by iconPost by jokap | 2021-01-16 | 00:48:54
At about 27° S latitude (day 53), he was 30 to 40 nm behind me (I also went through Point Nemo).
His real killing move (together with a smaller bunch of the Nemo fleet, most of which had fallen behind a bit earlier) came shortly after, sailing 45° TWA instead of >50° TWA as the router suggested to the leading pack--and most of the Point Nemo fleet went >50° TWA. So that smaller group including him broke away at 45° TWA cutting way more shallow into the High, and thus taking a big chunk out of the distance to travel--Jean-Le-Cam-style :D. One day later, they already were at the same latitude but further West. Another day later, they were roughly 30 nm more Northerly than the rest of us--and in a better position for the rest of the way to and through the doldrums...well, the rest is (almost as of now^^) history! :D

Extremely well played, Rafal!

In fact, for that move, I think VR should add something like "JLC" to "Rafal71-TPN" (;

Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-01-16 | 08:21:52

Post by iconPost by jokap | 2021-01-16 | 18:50:24
I see--JLC, indeed:D VR should think about awarding this to Rafal instead of UN^^ Also, since Master Mariner nails it :D

Post by iconPost by jadanton | 2021-01-15 | 13:50:38
we learn so much by watching you sailing and trying to understand why you go here and there.

Thanx for sharing your impression and for staying so humble.

Post by iconPost by KKPR | 2021-01-16 | 11:42:45
Good race, Cvetan!!!
It's great to see the Big Bird flying in the front!!

Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2021-01-16 | 13:44:23
Big up Tigrou. Amazing race as well: he might be one of the few who managed to take all the successful options of the race:
- Just 24h/48h Horn he made a magistral option, making him among the first at horn (maybe the first?)
- He went for the North/East option after the Horn, opposite to the router
- He missed the East of Falkand option (the one of Rostef)
- He took the most important option of this VG: Full west at Fernando and before

He deserved the win.
Post by iconPost by tinifon | 2021-01-17 | 07:49:43
salut cvetan ,

félicitation pour ton outil qui deviens de plus en plus performant et ton classement sur ce Vendée globe.

Cette année j'ai laissé mon tinifon@tpn au port et je suis parti avec "Majin_souen85TPN".

Je vois que pendant ma pause de 4 ans sans jouer sur VR de nouveau cadors ont pris le pouvoir mais que les anciens comme banzai49tpn ,hurricane , marchabob ou mon humble personne ne sont pas encore à mettre à l'EHPAD :)

Bravo a rostef pour son panache dans l'atlantique sud dommage à lui le danger viens tjrs de l'arrière même si tu dis ne pas avoir fait d'erreur Stéphane,
j'ai trouvé que tu avais fait trop d'Est ton avance nord pouvais te permettre de serrer quand même plus ouest à un moment.....bref facile a dire après coup.
Mais de toute façon route à la ilyl n'étais pas envisageable a mon sens.

Les pilotes chart parlent d'eux même dans l'atlantique nord, encore faut-il savoir les lires pas si évident que cela :(.

Je ne connaissais pas les Toppen /your mom et les tipapa machin truc et autre luxair ses noms n'existais pas ou pas si connu avant mon "stop"
J'ai pu prendre le temps de les regarder naviguer pendant plus de 60 jours et pour your mom sa et toppen je les ai trouvé très bon et d'une logique implacable avec des choix cohérent et des tentatives d'attaque dosés pour les autres "bof"...

Tigrou à été très bon et mérite sa victoire meme si iona29 l'aurai mérité aussi.

Mais celui qui a su revenir de l'enfers en ne prenant ni l'ouest ni le centre des falklands c'est mon ami banzai49tpn très bonne analyse météo sur 2 semaines pour pouvoir recoller au top 15 je pense que l'expérience lui a servi et que dire du super comeback de rémi (rafal71tpn)némo et un super final.(les TPN restent une team de haute qualité car je pourrais en citer bien d'autres).

Bref j'avais arrêté par déception Virtual regatta il y a 4ans et pour les raisons inverses je vais reprendre du service :)

Bon repos et a bientôt :)


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