Route du Rhum
Post by iconPost by Ptit Pimousse | 2021-12-02 | 07:29:43

I was looking on toxcct for the poler on the next boat for the Route du Rhum and saw that we will be using the polar "Happy". However I have found a polar called "Happy v1". What is the difference?


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Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-12-02 | 07:51:01
The boat to use is the one labelled right under the race name beside the polars chart :

The difference between "Happy" and "Happy V1" is that VR updated their polars to use the new windspeed-related penalties system.

You can guess that by yourself by grabbing the two polars json on the WinMerge for instance)
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-12-02 | 07:53:58
Maybe I should have labelled that new polar file "Happy V2", but the fact is that there is no actual speed difference between them, only additional differences which are probably not used by other routers (yet?)...
Post by iconPost by Ptit Pimousse | 2021-12-02 | 12:01:55
OK thanks, that's clear :)
Post by iconPost by HAJ | 2021-12-02 | 16:57:34
Hello captains!

There is also a "Partner code" in this tournament.
Does anyone know a current code?

Hi.: Jenő .
Post by iconPost by trailbauges | 2021-12-03 | 09:08:46
I'm looking for full pack code for Route du Rhum
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