Polar Imports?
Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2022-08-07 | 12:33:49

Would it be possible to use Zezo to do routing for races not on VR, for example those on Sailonline.org. These are good races but without user-friendly routing like Zezo.

I have used Zezo to program routes, but it is nor very accurate, as the polars of the boats in the Sailonline race is not available on Zezo. To set the starting points or destinations on Zezo is easy.

Other routing apps, like "FastSeas", allows one to import (or copy and paste) boat polars for any race.

Is there any chance that it might be added to Zezo??

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2022-08-07 | 22:22:59
With VR essentially broken, a lot of players are moving over to Realsail.net. Vastly better than the other virtual games you have mentioned and of course VR. Zezo is not currently supporting RS, but that would be very welcome if Cventan could find a way to do it.

There is a router available, both embedded into the game or as a standalone web service called Bitsailor that is written by Hardtack, the same guy who created VRDashboard. So, not Zezo, certainly not as fast, but works in a way that you would be familiar with and kind of within the eco system of apps that function alongside and compliment Zezo.
Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2022-08-08 | 06:35:00
Thank you BooBill. I will try your recommendations.
Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2022-08-25 | 17:43:03
Any additional feedback???
Post by iconPost by Jeanbern19 | 2022-08-26 | 12:50:04
Hi there,
I discover this little router. BITSAILOR
But the problem: I can only move the first flag! and I can't find the menu to move the waypoints

Thank you all for your solutions
Have a good day

Bernard FRANCE
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2022-08-26 | 15:10:03
Bitsailor has a help forum on Discord https://discord.gg/9wY8kpJv

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