Classement en ULTIM + FOILS uniquement
Post by iconPost by monbobatohohoho | 2021-11-27 | 18:24:33

J'ai fait la TJV en Ultim avec la seule option FOILS.
Y a t'il un moyen de connaitre mon classement dans cette catégorie: ULTIM avec Foils.
Ceci valable bien sûr pour toute autre association: monotype + option(s).
Le dashboard Zezo récupérant les données de VR telles que : nom du bateau, position, rang (au classement général), team, amis, me posais la question à savoir si les données des options étaient elles aussi accessibles pour le dashboard (ou autres)?
Ce serait intéressant de connaitre sa position à égalité d'option. Merci pour les réponses à venir

Merci Google trad
I did the TJV in Ultim with the only option FOILS.
Is there a way to know my ranking in this category: ULTIM with Foils only.
This of course applies to any other possible association: monotype + option (s).
The Zezo dashboard retrieving VR data such as: name of the boat, position, rank (in the general classification), team, friends, ...... I was wondering whether the options data were also accessible for the dashboard (or others)?
It would be interesting to know his position with an equal option. Thanks for the answers to come

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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2021-11-28 | 13:16:33
Options are displayed in VRDashboard when they are available. VR sends this information in the UserCard. You need to click on each boat in the game UI to see it.
The biggest problem regarding the ranking is to know which boats qualify. VR only provides information about your team, friends and a random selection of other boats. The best approach probably is the one used by McFly BSP & co for the PDD rankings - Create a sailing club in VR and ask players to register.

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