Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-19 | 15:04:28


I've finally written a Google Chrome extension that allow automatic update of your in-game position here.

After installing it you should see small icon in the address bar when logged into the VORG site. A window pops up if you click it with a single link. That should open in a new tab with your exact position.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-19 | 15:04:58
Available for download here: (current version)

Edit: 1.0.12 is needed for leg 2
Post by iconPost by Odin | 2011-11-19 | 17:08:10
I have tried it. It works advertised. (Chromium on Ubuntu 11.10)

It does, however on my end, work only for one boat. I have two and regardless of witch one is "in focus" in the game the "Open ZEZO tab" will open at the position of my boat #1.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-19 | 21:24:11
I'll have to add multiple links there. I don't want to register second boat, but you can help test it.
Post by iconPost by Odin | 2011-11-22 | 17:09:36
Let me know when it's implemented and I'll test.
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2011-11-19 | 17:29:31
Will this Google Chrome extension work in Firefox? Maybe I'll try it and see.
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2011-11-19 | 17:31:29
Nope, Firefox doesn't seem to know what to do with it.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-19 | 21:23:03
I was thinking about firefox plugin too, but the google API is about 20 times cleaner, so decided to go that way for the start.
Post by iconPost by pyrodave | 2011-11-19 | 17:50:38
I'm using XP also and cannot see the icon it installed ok and i can see that its enabled in options but doesn't seem to work
Post by iconPost by pyrodave | 2011-11-19 | 18:30:18
Yep works for me now i was using .org thanks Widgeon
and thanks to Cvetan for the site
Post by iconPost by SkyHi | 2011-11-19 | 19:42:17
Works perfectly... i just need to tack upwind for a while, o well...
Post by iconPost by mj | 2011-11-19 | 20:36:34
works find with me
Post by iconPost by dennyzen | 2011-11-19 | 21:40:59
NEVER MIND--edited after answering my own question.

Reopened all but still don't see.

**************************************** (ei
"Or am I blind? (possible :>}"
Post by iconPost by dennyzen | 2011-11-19 | 21:48:14
Blind!!!!!! (never mind)
I first remembered it as location bar, now after remembering url discussion, I looked in "address" bar. There was all along. And that is what it said.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-20 | 08:46:05
It's a page extension and as such appears only on relevant pages. It can also be done as standalone and always visible action, but it won't work if you are not currently logged into the game.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-20 | 08:43:36
Should work with the .org domain too now.
Post by iconPost by Paula | 2011-11-20 | 11:56:05
Brilliant!! Working on Vista...

Many thanks Cvetan
Post by iconPost by MerlinsNeutrino | 2011-11-20 | 16:15:44
It works great, but what am I going to do with all the time I would have spent finding my current location?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-21 | 08:57:15
Do some real sailing? I had a user during the previous VORG who liked the site because it left him more time to play golf ;)
Post by iconPost by mb77tyson | 2011-11-21 | 10:24:09
im getting an error, crx_file_not_readable on my chrome, what can i do to solve this?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-22 | 11:44:43
It seems that it's a bug in certain Chrome versions, so you can try upgrading to the current one. I also found a page describing possible workarounds here
Post by iconPost by BennyLava | 2011-11-21 | 13:38:59
I'm an absolute computer illiterate and firefox user; how do I implement the file??
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-22 | 11:42:42
You can install Google Chrome - it's nice and small browser. I tend to use it more than Firefox recently. Or wait until I write firefox extension. That may happen some day, but no promises, as it's harder to do.
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-11-23 | 10:13:45
Let me admit, btw, that IE9 isn't so bad... not bad at all.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-23 | 10:47:37
Possible, can't say. My OS is linux. I have few virtual XP instances to check the site in IE8 and things like that, but 9 does not support XP.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-24 | 00:20:21
There is update version available. Displays a table with the boats on-screen and should support more than one boat, but I don't have second boat to try it.

Don't know if showing the real boats can be considered bug or feature ;)
Post by iconPost by Odin | 2011-11-24 | 01:48:21
The updated plug-in works as intended.

Showing the real boats is a feature imo.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-24 | 10:59:44
But it brings another bug. If boat appears on more than one list (top10+friends/watched) it has to be filtered out. But real boats interfere with the process and the Top 3 appear twice (3 times if you count the real ones)
Post by iconPost by totimo | 2011-11-24 | 19:38:19
It works in Google Chrome on MacOsX Lion.
The table with boats is nice.

But it shows only one button: "Primary boat".
Other boats do not show up, I have 4 boats ;)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-24 | 20:17:54
The will show up soon. I'm tweaking it today.
Post by iconPost by mj | 2011-11-24 | 20:43:29
what update are we talking about and where it is ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-24 | 21:31:33
It's somehow beta and I break it sometimes, that's why I haven't announced it. And I've set autoupdates after the initial 1.0.1 release, so in the future the process will be automated. It's here if you want to give it a try.
Post by iconPost by dennyzen | 2011-11-26 | 00:57:27
Working here for me too. I've learned a lot about weather routing and planning with this tool. Definitely I owe a little more for my use of your server time and in appreciation of your continual efforts to improve my new toys.
Post by iconPost by Hansemann | 2011-11-26 | 09:19:16
Great tool and works fine, will it be possible to open each of my boats in different tabs?
"Sailing" is much more fun with this tool so thanks for all your effort
Post by iconPost by Hansemann | 2011-11-27 | 08:23:23
-"will it be possible to open each of my boats in different tabs?"
Figured it out now...
Post by iconPost by mj | 2011-11-25 | 00:36:50
works perfect for me, thanks
Post by iconPost by frgfrg | 2011-11-27 | 01:20:04
Why when I get into the web of the game does not tell me the positions I have put forward since the Zezo app? only happens in the first boat. thanks for all.....
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-11-28 | 21:52:56
latest chromea and yr 1.0.5; works like a charm. thanks
Post by iconPost by theodoroduarte | 2011-11-29 | 01:16:16
Great tool for sailing purpose. Thanks very much! Works fine and I can't live without this anymore....
Post by iconPost by gregma | 2011-12-02 | 00:30:35
Maybe it's just me, but it seems as if 1.0.10 is broken. It won't launch the popup, it just says "Loading..." all the time. I rolled back to 1.0.5 and that works flawlessly.
Post by iconPost by rxsail | 2011-12-02 | 02:36:42


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
callback called
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-02 | 11:45:29
Thanks. There was a typo which triggered a bug if you have more than one boat in the game, and I haven't tested that case. Should be more careful next time?

Can you try it again? I've increased the version to 1.0.11. The idea is to have proper boat name displayed instead of 'Primary boat'
Post by iconPost by rxsail | 2011-12-02 | 21:06:54
1.0.11 instaled works perfect

Thx Cvetan
Post by iconPost by lolafantasy | 2011-12-02 | 02:17:48
hi. is this working for mac iOS as well?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-02 | 12:44:54
There is no Chrome for iOS, and probably won't be anytime soon. But I'm planning some additional features for touch based interfaces for the next leg.
Post by iconPost by Whitbyweather | 2011-12-06 | 15:13:41
I have installed the extension, which shows as 1.0.1 but I cannot see version 1.o.11. The Zezo page opens but I do not see my boats, would this be because my boats have finished? Please can you help? Many thanks
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-06 | 17:11:18
I've updated the link in the first post to the latest version. But there is no much routing if your boats are finished and start position equals the destination.
Post by iconPost by Whitbyweather | 2011-12-06 | 19:47:15
Thank you very much zezo, I now have the drop down menu and both my boats are showing on the buttons at the top.
Post by iconPost by Freako95 | 2011-12-10 | 18:42:37
When I click on the extension in Chrome it loads for ages.... But then when I restart Chrome it takes only 1 sec xD This tool is super awesome!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-10 | 18:58:47
Your browser had just upgraded the extension to 1.0.12. 1.0.11 had Leg 1 address hardcoded in it and did not work with leg 2.
Post by iconPost by heppuhei | 2011-12-10 | 23:50:56
I´m trying to install Crome extension : (current version) but get a message:CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE. It´s getting lose to start and can´t try this fine tool of yours! :=( I have OS X Lion and latest Crome. I´ve beentrying to get it work the whole day, but with no success, unfortunately. Anything you could help?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-11 | 00:35:55
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-12-11 | 11:25:41
Use Windows. Same quantity of bugs actually, but better disclosed and known :P
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-11 | 12:11:27
The Chrome problem is not OS-dependent, happens in Windows and Linux too. The problem arises when you already have a file called 'zezoorg-1.0.12.crx', or whatever the current version is, present in the Downloads folder - Just open your 'Downloads' folder and remove the existing zezoorg*.crx files.
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2011-12-11 | 14:23:17
Cvetan, my issue with Chrome is different but may be related. I was trying to set up my desktop with chrome but was unsuccessful in a different way. I am unable to log onto the game site. The logon password is refused. I have no problem with Firefox on the same machine. Was hoping to use this machine for its very large display but I'm fine for now. I'll go back at the problem after the race starts and I've settled on a course.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-11 | 14:29:28
The site uses different login credentials for different addresses. So it matters if you type it with or without www and if it ends in .com or .org. Try exactly the same address as you use in Firefox. If it's already the same try a different one ;)
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2011-12-11 | 16:52:08
Sorry Cvetan, I don't mean to be cluttering up the forum with this but here goes.

Chrome was a recent install - yesterday so it is the latest for my platform which is XP-Pro. I imported all my Firefox shortcuts as part of the install process so yes, the site was the same - exactly. I tried re-locating the site through Google and same thing. I even tried changing my password. Perplexing indeed. I still have the use of the computer to control my boat and such with the advantage of the big screen I just don't have that oh-so-nice luxury of clicking a "Get Position" icon to transfer my latest position to the simulator.
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-11 | 21:06:37
Has anyone noticed the difference in the heading displayed on the desktop vs. the heading displayed on the mouseover? I show a difference of 4 degrees 104 (desktop) 108 (mouseover).
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-11 | 21:10:05
Ok it must have been a 10 minute thing, seems right now. My bad...:)
Post by iconPost by pgfiore | 2011-12-12 | 23:38:49
I feel the browser extention increases the server load, doesn't it? It's so easier clickin' on the chrome icon... Side effect of a great job!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-13 | 00:03:02
The results are cached as much as possible - for 10 minutes. The real problem is at the time of the wind change when 1000 people try to get their data in 10 minutes. The rest of the time you can click at will.
Post by iconPost by blackbetty1565 | 2011-12-13 | 17:08:15
This probably has been answered before...But will this download work with a mac running 10.5.8...
thank you!!
Post by iconPost by dq | 2011-12-14 | 20:28:29
seems to work with me too (win XPpro), thanks and i will keep online ...
Post by iconPost by rwbello | 2011-12-14 | 22:35:15
My OS is windows 7 and sailing G. Crome. It works fine! I'm thanks for the efort. Great Job! I've just made my donation on the begin of leg 1. In the last VORG I'm zezoorg till the end.
Post by iconPost by Benita | 2011-12-15 | 00:56:03
Hi there
I run OSX 10.6.8 on Chrome with the latest extension (1.0.12) and I get information that does not show the fastest sail on the suggested course. If i run in Firefox and manually make the routing I get the same heading, but with the right sail and speed. The Chrome verion suggest the jib and a slower speed in the same wing and the same direction. Otherwise is a fast and nice function, but I've been running 18 hours on the wrong sail.

Thanks for making a wonderful tool that makes it possible to both have a family and a job, while losing yourself in dry sailing...
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-15 | 03:42:57
Do you have Pro sails selected in the popup menuin SS?
Post by iconPost by Benita | 2011-12-15 | 20:02:13
Thanks Wildheart
There was the explanation and the sollution to the problem. Good thinking!
Post by iconPost by blackbetty1565 | 2011-12-15 | 04:06:08
@ Benita....Do you know if this will work on mac os 10.5.8...ive downloaded but have not got it to work...must be doing something wrong...anybody know if it works on mac 10.5???
Post by iconPost by Benita | 2011-12-15 | 21:12:22
Hi Blackbetty
I don't know. Havn´t got that version. But I been running manual in Firefox and that has worked fine.
Post by iconPost by blackbetty1565 | 2011-12-15 | 05:12:51
WOW!!!thanks for all the help guys...i give DOES NOT WORK on a mac 10.5 running chrome 16.0
Post by iconPost by BalkanBoy | 2011-12-18 | 12:05:27
works perfectly in MacOS 10.5 with latest Chrome

if you don't see the extension icon on right side of address bar:
1. go to
Window > Extensions
2. click on extension
3. enable "show in Incognito"
4. restart Chrome

5. then log in game, click on extension icon and enjoy. :-)

thnx Cvetan. this really makes life easier!
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-15 | 22:15:05
Little tiny dots...Radar clutter or the other boats?


I see the other thread...TY
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-17 | 23:23:38
Is it just me or did the chrome extension vanish? 4:23 east coast US.
Post by iconPost by Wildheart | 2011-12-17 | 23:27:37
never mind, the game had knocked me out, hehe, I just had to log back in..Doh!
Post by iconPost by Kroko | 2011-12-23 | 00:36:39
After the blue dots of friends appeared tonight there's no centering of the position on the map according to last position when you open a map in a new tab. Moreover, all other info is forgotten by the browser too, such as pro sails/no pro sails, magnification level of map, predicted track duration. It uses a lot of server time when you have to change these things one by one every time when you open a new map. Earlier I defined a starting point to get the browser to memorize settings, but it doesn't work anymore.

Secondly, I think the server would get significantly less traffic if you could change all these things mentioned and after that simply press an ok-button to contact the server.

(I have two boats, one with pro sails, the other is non-pro. It requires much clicking when switching between them, thinking of dumping second boat)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-12-23 | 09:02:57
Thanks for pointing that out. I've forgotten to change one line of code when moving the script from the testing to the production directory. Should be remembering the options again.

Yo can also keep two different sessions open for two boats. There is a Session ID value visible in the fullscreen page address - you can bookmark two copies of the page with different session IDs and will get separate options for each of them. I think about a way to automate that when using the plugin.
Post by iconPost by Kroko | 2011-12-23 | 14:23:29
Different sessions for each boat really simplifies multiple boat steering, thanks a lot!
Post by iconPost by AndBurns | 2012-01-15 | 00:41:04
Leg 3, chrome tool does not seem to be working for me. It pops up, but does not provide any info on my boat or any of the others. Used it in Leg 2 no problems. Have they changed the way the data is recorded so that the extension no longer captures it?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-15 | 09:00:13
The extension icon won't appear at all if it can't find the data it needs.

The game itself is slow to respond at peak times - 10-15 minutes after the wind update. There are often problems changing settings during that periods. And the extension can't get the data either. But it should work the rest of the time. I would recommend refreshing the position 5 minutes before the update.

You can also try checking the extension debug output for errors. Go to the Chrome Preferences->Extensions page, check Developer mode, expand, click inspect background.html to open the developer tools and open the game page to reload the data.
Post by iconPost by Kroko | 2012-01-15 | 08:57:07
A different looking dot when there is a sail change would be nice. Always afraid of missing a sail change and hovering dots like crazy.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-01-15 | 09:14:44
That's a good idea. I needed that feature last night too ...
Post by iconPost by dennyzen | 2012-01-15 | 19:28:59
Oh, I really like Kroko's suggestion. I missed that many times, especially when using the Android for a heading change away from PC. For a long while that was the best reason I modified the first "paste zezo into VRtool" utility to print a chart of the changes--the other reason was to convert the time. Sometimes my brain doesn't subtract very well. The second utility actually contained all the elements in the chart, but I haven't been back to use it yet here in the 3rd leg.

I haven't figured out VRtool at all. At first my Firefox was too recent, but then there were just too many moving parts. Never really got the wind import going. I should check that out in the lull between Leg3 & 4.
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