Post by iconPost by DIC | 2011-11-13 | 16:22:11

Dear All

I have analyzed the Zezo source and extracted useful data to get a track that you can paste into VRTool.
All details are available on my blog:

Have fun.


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2011-11-13 | 17:04:03

I believe I had the details posted somewhere on the forum - there is a magic 2-pixel offset ;)
Post by iconPost by DIC | 2011-11-13 | 22:56:26
Indeed I considered the magic 2 pixel offset ;) The source code is available in the spreadsheet. I didn't want to build a XML parser (I'm not too good in XML :-(() But I used the formulae that you published.


Post by iconPost by dennyzen | 2011-11-13 | 17:38:41
Perhaps that is the error (erreur dans la source de donnees scale non trouvee) I got trying DIC's method.

What might be simpler for me (and others) is if I could extract a text version, like a table of the times and the heading changes. That means I could print a page and take it with me to make my course changes on the app on the smartphone while I am away from my computer. I have been writing them down, but that takes time and I can't read my own handwriting three hours later!

This would be the data in the little boxes when you put the arrow on a course change all on one page in text.

Any suggestions how I would do this? I'm not much of a script or coder, but I can do a little. (I'm more of a tester.)

Post by iconPost by DIC | 2011-11-13 | 22:54:06
Instead of pasting the route into VRTool, you can easily paste it in any spreadsheet and print it ... That should do what you look for.

Post by iconPost by Paula | 2011-11-14 | 14:11:43
My mobile Zezo. What works for me is dragging my boat location to the lat/lon position at the upper left hand corner of the map. Hang the mouse over the dot for detailed information, and using the phone camera, take a quick snap of that area of the computer screen. I do this for each course change due when I'm away from my computer. Only takes a minute or two. You can then enter your new heading and/or sail change using your Smartphone App.

No scraps of paper or badly scribbled notes :-)

Post by iconPost by sportpilot | 2011-12-19 | 03:45:44
I've created a better way to get track data from Zezo into VRTool. I was using a spreadsheet, that has been retired in favor of this web-based option.

Normal use:
- Enter your Destination in either of the boxes (Degrees or Degrees & Minutes)
- Click on the Boat name (it defaults to ManyPilot) & enter your Boat (or any other boat)
- The current Time, Position & Status (Hdg, Sail, Boat Spd, Wind Spd & TWA) will be updated from VR (This does NOT work for VORG, you will need to enter your current position manually in the boxes)
- Set the Race, Scale, Days, Winds, Pro Sails, Avoid Tacks & Show Chart options
- Click the "Get Zezo Data" button
- Click the "Export to VRTool" button
- When the new window (or tab) opens, Copy (Ctl+C) the info (it's already selected)
- In VRTool, click "Paste New..." on the Tracks tab

Other use:
- You can set a starting position different than your current position. Just make sure the Update Position box is NOT checked so it doesn't get overwritten

*** Notes:
- The position update works ONLY for the VR races, NOT for the VORG. For VORG you will need to ENTER YOUR CURRENT POSITION MANUALLY.
- This was developed using Chrome as the browser. It seems to work well in Firefox as well. IE, not so much... So use either Chrome or Firefox.
- Javascript & cookies must be enabled

Post by iconPost by Mandahuevos | 2011-12-19 | 14:58:23
I had tried to use this one but I get no results at all.
Don't know what I'm doing wrong

Have I to put the boat name like this "boat" or "boat I", "boat II", etc
Post by iconPost by sportpilot | 2011-12-19 | 17:29:34
Fixed a problem when using with the VORG. Wouldn't allow manual entry of Current Position and no Zezo data was returned.
Post by iconPost by Mandahuevos | 2011-12-20 | 01:57:18
Now works, but I don't get same twa that zezo's.
Too late for this day. I'll see tomorrow.

Post by iconPost by sportpilot | 2011-12-20 | 17:50:10
Should be correct now.
Post by iconPost by Mandahuevos | 2011-12-20 | 19:00:08
Tried again and now works fine.

Thanks again
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2011-12-23 | 08:15:39
Is it just me or is this not functioning anymore?
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2011-12-23 | 16:26:15
Nevermind, it seems to be working again now.
Post by iconPost by sportpilot | 2011-12-23 | 17:38:58
It is still a work in progress. I've updated quite a bit of it in the last few days.

First thing to try is a page reload. If you have specific problems, just let me know & I'll look into it.
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2011-12-23 | 19:44:59
Your work is certainly appreciated.
Post by iconPost by sportpilot | 2011-12-31 | 23:46:11
*** New Feature

You can now have multiple tabs in the same browser window for different Boats (or Races) without any "crosstalk" between them.

Just add "index.php?id=[x...x]" to the end of the URL. The [x...] is replaced with a unique identifier for each tab such as Boat name, Race name or just a number. Just make each one different.

You should NOT have any spaces or other odd characters in the ID tag, underscores _ or hypens - are OK.

For example, you could have 3 tabs:

The ID of each tab will appear as the page name in the tab, so if you have a lot of tabs open you might want to keep the ID's short.

Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2012-01-16 | 02:30:20
The Zezo-VRT tool seems to have malfunctioned ever since Cvetan added the ruler option. Is the tool repairable?
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