Post by iconPost by sixmetres | 2020-11-11 | 13:08:39


is it possible to change the "start time" for the simulation?

Example: I would like to calculate optimum route from "A" to "B", *leaving "A" at HH:MM on DD:MM:YY*


(great tool you have created btw!)

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Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2020-11-11 | 21:32:47
It's available for 'record' races where the start time is not fixed; but it's not available in the current version for races like the Vendee.
Some of us have requested it for all races, but given the number of sailors using Zezo for the Vendee, switching it on now is probably not a practical option due to likely increase in work for the server - even if Cvetan was persuaded of the user value.
On that thought, donations are always good, and may be persuasive...

JohnT aka Truffle Hunter
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-11 | 22:18:49
It's not about load. It's about support. Now there are probably more than 10000 players here. You change something, 100 people get the wrong weather because they've clicked somewhere, you spend 3 days answering emails.

Coulld be possible if the router is split into simple/advanced mode and you click 3 times "I agree" before switching to advanced ;-)
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-11-12 | 02:07:03
I'd make it a skills test, rather than just click to consent, if I were you ;)
Post by iconPost by sixmetres | 2020-11-13 | 22:10:36
Understood, thanks for your answer
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2020-11-14 | 03:12:28
Were any of the old records on IMOCA and we can use the old link?
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-11-14 | 03:38:38
All the record races since I've joined VR have been Maxi 100 or Ultim Tri.

Since the Imoca polars are new for this race, even if there had been one in Imoca's, and Cvetan would turn it back on, it would have the wrong polars.
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2020-11-14 | 03:48:06
Ah, didn't realise the polars had been updated
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-14 | 16:58:10
I can setup a record-type config. But it will be a lot of manual work transferring the starting point and the time from the official one.
Post by iconPost by luk | 2020-11-16 | 12:40:08
It would be cool if you could do a record mode like that.

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