Post by iconPost by kalle | 2020-10-10 | 17:08:46

Hi forum. For long time i have notice that the visual position of boats in a race is very different. I have some screenshots from current Record race that i like to show you:) But i dont now how to upload it for you?

Can anyone help?


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Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-10-10 | 18:26:29
Upload your image on Fetch the "BBCode full linked" code and put the part enclosed in img tags in your message.
Post by iconPost by kalle | 2020-10-10 | 19:13:41
From the prawn star
From my boat

At the same time
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-10-10 | 21:06:11
I don't see tails coming off the other boats in the shot from your perspective, indicating you hadn't just clicked each of those boats to update their position before taking the screenshot. Try that and see if they jump forward, right after a 5 minute update and check Dashboard timestamps to make sure all the observations are contemporaneous.

I just clicked all the boats in your group and when I checked Dashboard the time stamps differed by up to 10 mins, even though I clicked them all within seconds. That's unusual.

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