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I thought them weather updates were done at 07:00? Only to wake up and noticed a complete weather change already making the Zezo route from 02:00 last night completely obsolete and dropping 500 places in the process. Been trying to get my head around the changes but I guess they are being done in real time/constantly throughout the game, which means (in close quarters) you just have to stay awake. Anyone? And pls don´t send me the weather updates links, I´ve read them and I don´t get it, call me dumb. Thanks a bunch

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From the VR site/Updated 2 days ago.

When is the weather updated?
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The weather forecast is updated regularly throughout the day.

In short, nobody knows. If nobody knows how do the top players anticipate/deal with weather changes?

Thanks mucho
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Guess the top players must be fast asleep between games right now, having been awake 24/3. 4 hours to the next one! Good luck!
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The time stamps for weather updates are at 0500Z and then every 6 hours. However, the weather files start becoming available about an hour and 40 minutes before that. They download in stages, first the next 12 hours and by 0500z you have a full 16 day forecast.

As soon as they become available the game weather is an interpolation between the prior forecast and the current one. Zezo does a good job matching the interpolation, but since VR's internal algorithm is a black box, it's not perfect. Usually you don't see any difference, but if there is a dramatic shift in weather then it can be quite significant.

For that hour and 20 minute period, there is uncertainty and you need to keep an eye on it and a hand near the tiller if you want to be super competitive.

Gee, sort of like real sailing.

Personally, in a close race, especially one near land, I am sitting at my computer ready to run a new routing at 0340z, 0940z, 1540z and 2140z. Usually, in a race like the Fastnet with short legs, it's 10-20 minutes of attention and then off to bed, or breakfast. If there is a signifcant shift from the previous forecast and what you see in the Dashboard (rather than the game client) verses the Zezo route prediction, then it's hand on the tiller until they sync up.

Post by iconPost by chelonia | 2020-08-06 | 13:29:56
Much appreciated BooBill!

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