Post by iconPost by nsp | 2020-05-10 | 16:29:38

30 minutes before?
another VR joke?

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Post by iconPost by Smoothrider | 2020-05-10 | 16:33:46
Just saw that, really odd. I'd still keep an eye of it in case it's a bug and it actually will start as planned
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-05-10 | 16:35:32

Administrator Pat-Rock has confirmed it in the VR forum. No reason given.
Post by iconPost by Smoothrider | 2020-05-10 | 16:47:45
Are you gonna do it btw or still deciding? lol
Post by iconPost by Smoothrider | 2020-05-10 | 16:45:42
"Due to the enormous success" of the transat race... interesting.
Post by iconPost by LinusVanpelt | 2020-05-10 | 17:02:46
:( and the reason given ???
But two days more to explore the south option :)
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2020-05-10 | 17:06:55
one more time Mr. VR is playing us fools.

Having the posibility of getting 2 more days to get more inscriptions in Cape Town-Goa, the greedy one postponed it 30 minutes before start.

The reason of having imminent arrivals in transat..really? They could foresee this for like 2 days ago.

This is a total lack of respect one more time from this people, specially in this situation, maintaining people for hours in front of computers at home when they can even get a breathe of least those who can and are not in a strict lock down.


This one made me really upset with them.


Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-05-10 | 17:14:42
Want to get more upset. If you used cards to set program moves for the day, guess what? Only option I see if to move them as far in the future as you can and remember to keep moving them.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-05-10 | 17:14:48
Unless the processing of finishers hammers their server badly, my best guess is that they're trying to maximize the involvement of professional sailors, and that some of the pros told them (maybe last-minute) that they'd rather finish AG2R before starting something else. That would make sense because the pros might not all finish before tomorrow night Paris time... meaning a Tuesday start would be best for them.

Post by iconPost by nsp | 2020-05-10 | 21:37:14
Just a little thing Mom?

by Pros you mean all those bunch of blue certified people that are finishing after all or most of us?


What do they bring to the game? blue colour? Animation? Do they strip dance on deck?

lol Do they even pay?

The old Hervé greedy pal or whatever his name is, is a lot lucky of not have been crossing paths with some of us during all these years. I am sure he would have a lot of blue ceertifications. And some of us our refunds...
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-11 | 07:39:09
Guess they have some marketing value. You might be tempted to pay for the full pack by the chance to beat Cammas.
Post by iconPost by MAR13 | 2020-05-10 | 17:15:52
I have the feeling that handling arrival of Transat and departure of Cape/Goa is what they tried to avoid Probably they just saw a peak of activity and fear for making both events impacted by a lack of server ressources. Interested also to study the south option which was today, I think, not really an option. Difficult to simulate, except having optional way point to add on the route you want to force out of the direct one. I would like to thank the owner of this site (and contributors), really enjoy it :)
Post by iconPost by lemulot79 | 2020-05-11 | 14:49:11
No "Mar13", I remember a few years back, "Loick Peyron" had made a big reproach to Philippe Guigne (Manager VR), he reproached that many "Virtual" arrived before him ......
VR immediately decreased the "polars".

Post by iconPost by MAR13 | 2020-05-11 | 16:14:32
Hi Lemulot79, I didn’t comment on pro 😀
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-11 | 15:19:49
@MAR13 In 90% of the cases you can eliminate the intermediate point by moving the destination point around.

See how far you have to go to move the routing South, not even deep South:

Positions on a (the last) blue line can be reached in the same time, but the DTF will be much more in this case. You can check the route to the next two peaks in the isochrones yourself. It's also a way to see where the routes split and how much time you have before making a big decision.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-05-11 | 15:23:24
The Southern route beats the direct one around 23S 100E - that's the horizontal line at the right end of the screenshot. The track will go below the dip at 40S 50E which is caused by the center of a CW rotating system (presumably a high)

Post by iconPost by MAR13 | 2020-05-12 | 15:40:41
Thank you and apologize for delay for answer. I will not have the time now to dive into detail. Hope I will have before we have to decide for an option :)
Post by iconPost by feriber | 2020-05-12 | 17:14:02
There we go,Good winds to all

Post by iconPost by MAR13 | 2020-05-26 | 15:52:59
Hi All, now we have finished, I would like to give a feed back.
First I loved it :)
It was good to study options and I kept my first feeling: East of Madagascar (Hopefully confirmed by router). Direct in the South seemed a non sense and router abandon Zanzibar Canal (I was not so enthousiast for multiple changes of direction along the coast).
I have spent 2 thirds of the race suffering a lack of speed, even if close to routing way. Probably some mistakes to identify (Autosail?)
North of Madagascar, I was 100 miles behind those I was sailing with, South of Mada...
Then it seemed the route was straight to Goa (à la queu leu leu).
One morning router said 90° right, I spent some time to understand the air hole in front of us. It was an opportunity I was waiting for, not so easy to detect and to follow it.
Then slowly I was able to catch up 2/3 of my 100 miles
But I also changed my sailing procedure, diving into details and then never made anything than slowly getting close to my colleagues and then going ahead. At the end I was able to maintain this advantage. Last challenge was to fight for my city ranking, and failed for 3 min! Kudos kidaix :)
Best ranking ever: 125
Thank you zezo.
Still a lot of things to understand and also procedures to adjust for a better control with minimum of time needed. Idea is not to spend my life in front of the screen.
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