Cheat advantage?? MIRAGE IVP
Post by iconPost by Tarahumara_POR | 2020-03-23 | 14:30:01

Guys, have anyone notice the advantage that a single guy took? the Mirage IVP How the f@ is that possible .. over everyone ?? some bug cheat around for sure !!!!

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Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2020-03-23 | 15:04:24
I'm not sure what you're seeing (in which race, by the way?) but most likely there's a bug in the client software causing a display issue. Did you try to close and relaunch your browser/app?

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-03-23 | 15:47:20
10 minutes ahead of the pack in the Ultim.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-03-23 | 15:52:52
I'm not doing Ultim so I can't see him, but I'd like to make a quick comment... please do NOT freak out on Mirage and start cursing him as a cheater. 99.999% chance he did nothing wrong and a VR bug placed him ahead. I don't know him, but I've raced against him before and I've never seen him do anything unusual. I seriously doubt he caused the situation himself.

It will probably be corrected, and if it isn't, then he can correct it himself by going head-to-wind for 10 minutes or something like that.

It just really bothers me when a huge mob of people get angry at a user who accidentally gets an unfair advantage due to a VR bug.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-03-23 | 16:14:59
You should not be able to cheat a properly designed game, so it's some kind of bug/glitch indeed.

Even if someone was able to cheat the game, it's still a game bug.
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2020-03-23 | 17:07:45
It seems that everybody's start time and location is
while Mirage IVP's is

Interestingly, the track messages for the Frigate sometimes contain the former start time and position, and sometimes the latter?!

Not sure what to make of it, but most likely Mirage IVP's position is being miscalculated due to a bug in the game engine.

(And if turns out to be something else I probably should stop saying 'most likely' so often.)

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-03-23 | 18:10:16
Maybe he stared a bit late, from the Frigate position, which was slightly ahead of the pack. That has happened before.
Post by iconPost by Tarahumara_POR | 2020-03-23 | 17:49:01
Just notice that the tracker puts is start location further ahead!! 10 to 20 min ahead!
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2020-03-23 | 18:23:54
I'd guess he started 5-10 minutes late, and the frigate was somehow 15-20 minutes downtrack at that time.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-03-23 | 20:47:42
The frigate seems to represent the player in the middle of the ranking. But there is no ranking in the first hour, so it represents something random.

We've seen similar problem before, when new players were spawned at a point moving along the course. In certain conditions that would be in front of the fleet.
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