Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2019-10-20 | 13:53:59

I think adding Velocity Made Good to the next gate would be a great addition.

As anyone sailing with a boat computer knows, that's the number you are most focused on when sailing. I have built my own calculator in a spreadsheet that I use extensively. However, to see those numbers in the fleet tab for competitors would be really interesting.

If anyone wants to build their own calculator the math is really simple.

VMG=SOG * COS(Bearing to waypoint - Heading), where Bearing and Heading are converted from degrees to radians.

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Post by iconPost by limelight | 2019-10-22 | 23:19:37
Actually that's VMC what you're talking about Velocity Made good to Course, VMG is something else:

VMG = SOG * cos(TWA)

Check the VMC calculators at they are made for RegattaGame but you can borrow the spreadsheet and apply it to any game or boat as long as you have the polars.
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