Post by iconPost by SlyStarLeRetour | 2019-09-20 | 19:43:32

Hi All,

Did you notice ?

After 3 years of continuous request, we finally got an answer from VR : Polars are now available on "Expert" !

Enjoy :)

Kind regards

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Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-09-20 | 21:50:58
Only if you're paying for "VIP"...
Post by iconPost by SlyStarLeRetour | 2019-09-21 | 01:58:43
oh really? i thought it was for all for free. This is not fair. Sorry about that
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2019-09-20 | 22:19:00
you have to pay for it... well done greedy VR.

otherwise, you have them for free with a better display here :
Post by iconPost by tyghfg | 2019-09-20 | 23:12:38
its pay to win game so what else could they do.., awesome that we got such great people around, so polars are easily available.(hey you in the comment above! thank you kind sir:) )
except 15 slots for waypoints and programmation vip looks like a pretty lame deal and adding polars changed nothing.what this game needs more is possibility to convert waypoints to programmation and opposite, but if they introduce mechanics like that it wont be for free too.. its like pay or go away

Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-10-18 | 05:31:51
Pay to compete. That's life.

I don't think VR is very customer friendly at all, but they gotta pay their bills too.
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2019-10-18 | 12:27:01
Or you can use mine... for free !
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