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Is this new? If I click on Stop the attempt there is an icon on the following pop up that suggests that I have to spend 1000 VR credits to go back to port

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Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2019-08-21 | 21:54:33

and clearly the zendesk says nothing about it
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-08-22 | 02:27:41
At some point around the beginning of 2019, they got into a mode of always having one record event open. The next new one always starts at the same moment as the closing of the prior one. I think the first such event was Los Angeles to Hawaii. When they did that, they introduced this concept of needing to pay to restart. It has been in place for all of the 2019 record events. I believe it's priced the same as the "escort frigate" price in a normal race of the same category... In the earlier record events, I believe it was 600 credits. If it's 1,000 for Atlantic, that's probably due to it being a higher category.

Unfortunate that they don't make it clear. I think it's upsetting for everyone the first time they run into it.

There are some good things about it... I like that it makes you think carefully about your start time, instead of being able to start over and over again until you're content. I also like that it pushes you to finish an attempt even if you know it won't be your best time (because starting again doesn't have a cost if you finish your prior attempt). I just wish they made it obvious that this charge existed so that it wouldn't be a surprise when you encounter it.

It'll introduce a difficult dynamic in the longer record events... it'll be really annoying if you're 2 weeks into a 40-day event and you know you're going to have a bad time and you have to decide between spending the credits versus slogging out 26 more days.
Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2019-08-22 | 10:21:48
Thanks YM, actually I hadn't tried any record during 2019
I truly appreciate your capability to always see the brighter side and be positive, it is definitely a gift.
I am definitely more skeptical.
I see all the reason you listed and they do are valid. Was that really VR intention or just a way to get more credit?
Let’s stick to the first one, you are right we need to be more optimistic!
Take care

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-08-22 | 13:52:17
I think it's both. My guess is they noticed people restarting a lot and said "if this was a regular race, that behavior would be the same as jumping to the escort frigate, which would have a cost-disincentive for the racer and a revenue benefit for us"... so they did it.

I tend to view most of their mistakes as failures to consider the impacts to players and/or failures to communicate well, rather than direct efforts to screw their users.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-08-22 | 19:08:51
"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Bur it does not really matter for the users. They just get fed up and quit.
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Post by iconPost by Paihia Express | 2019-08-23 | 00:55:53
It has been suggested to me that the 1000 credit charge does not apply to those running on a Full Pack. Anybody know if this is correct?
Post by iconPost by SlyStarLeRetour | 2019-08-23 | 09:27:04
it costs 1000 credits even for FP as soon as you stop an attempt before finish line - sorry about the bad news

Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2019-10-05 | 17:25:29
I agree with YourMomSA on the frigate point. As jumping on the frigate cost credits in regular race, it's certainly fair that restarting a record should cost some credits.

But for myself, i'm quite sure there is another very good reason. I think that they noticed that a lot of people, not buying FP, and waiting for a good forecast window were sailing until the time they choose to start the record, only to collect cards every 11 hours for their next run.

If you don't have a FP and start sailing with no cards, it's not as easy as starting the race with a full deck of cards WP and prog ;)
Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-10-18 | 05:24:13
I kind of like the added penalty of a restart. It's more realistic. Life doesn't come with free redo's.

I also like not getting intermediate rankings at marks. It seems more fair.

Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2019-10-18 | 12:33:49
Life doesn't come with free cards barrels every 11 hours either...

And intermediate rankings at marks exist in real life, so I don't see the point there :)
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