Post by iconPost by mitjats | 2019-06-27 | 16:43:21

Who is going this route? It's legal?
I can't think of being awake for nights just to not go aground in the channel.

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Post by iconPost by Khalesi | 2019-06-27 | 19:24:55
Tant pis, je passe par le détroit sinon cela n'a pas de sens!!

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-06-27 | 19:29:36
There are two threads about that.

To make a long story short - VR are doing the things the wrong way as usual.

- Lack of racing instructions
- Lack of visible buoys
- Only guideline being "follow the white line", but that's known not to be true.

Me, I'm going all the way trough the strait, just to get the feeling how the real ships of the time did it. I've already circled the world virtually around 15 times, and am already losing VSR points, so trying to make it fun in some other way.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-06-27 | 19:32:44
In terms of who is going which way... I think that will be clear within an hour or two. I believe the boats taking the strait will be tacking back toward shore, whereas the boats going around the horn will continue on starboard.

The answer might already be evident based on who is sailing at TWA 65 versus who is at TWA 70 or more on starboard.
Post by iconPost by Khalesi | 2019-06-27 | 19:33:56
I am indeed passing through the strait, it is the real journey, otherwise it is a simple race around the world!
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2019-06-27 | 20:04:14
There. Practising for the strait :-)

(Not - it's just another VR graphics glitch, I hope!)

Post by iconPost by mitjats | 2019-06-28 | 13:07:10
I understand, but I can't be awake all night long for 3 - 5 days.
Excuse me Mr. Magelan, but I will go round Horn.
I understand that this is not fair and that isn't the real spirit of competition and I should have passed the strait, but in this case 3 buoys would have to be positioned on the right course.

IMHO, but I'm just the last one here.

Post by iconPost by ADK_59 | 2019-07-14 | 13:45:16
is The finish time at carthage 2 AM UTC the 16th july ?

thanks for a quick respond !
Post by iconPost by Ormetkruper | 2019-07-14 | 14:04:04
Wrong thread, but I think it is 02 local EU summer time (UTC 00:00)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-07-14 | 14:26:35
Yep, midnight UTC.

So the question is who will be the last to start and still manage to make it on time.
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