Post by iconPost by pmangino | 2019-04-24 | 16:54:37

Now with this "great idea" of sepia chart to give "more realism" to the Magellan race, we are navegating at the Sahara Desert in a Caravelle with foils and Code 0.
Bravo uncle Phillipe..!!!

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Post by iconPost by Lukaliz | 2019-04-25 | 01:15:00
I'm on the brink of giving it all up!!! They want money for everything!!! Just leave the game alone already.... I don't know how many days I can handle this disturbing bleak sand background. Please Phillipe just let me sail in the sea!!!
Post by iconPost by pmangino | 2019-04-25 | 15:57:27
Simply stupid...
I'm with you Lukaliz, I have been a loyal and frequent customer for almost 10 years. Now I�m feed up with VR for so many bugs and total lack of consideration with their customers. No more tolerance, I'm loosing my patience...
Princess Marina.

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-04-25 | 01:38:26
Maybe someone can create Chrome Extension to turn it to simple grayscale?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-04-25 | 12:18:35
An extension probably can't do it. It seems that the game uses the same chart data with different color palette applied. That will require rewriting the game data on the fly.
Post by iconPost by pmangino | 2019-04-25 | 16:46:30
To hell with their VIP program..!!!
It is a total abuse what VR is doing with their customers, they are surpassing their greedy ambitions.
Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2019-04-26 | 17:30:51
Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe. (Albert Einstein 1969)

VR put its own effort in proving the second one
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