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I don't remember having seen this discussed here, and I can't browse the archive of the forum, which has become quite large (what about a search tag, Cvetan?).

When you change a WP when you are too close of it (within 10mn I guess), the game makes you restart at the position at the last iteration of the game.

I thought that this was a bug, but thinking over it, I think now that it is a feature (undocumented?).

As you know, and unlike programmed heading changes, a WP is guaranteed to happen at the exact date required. So if there is a WP within the 10 minutes to come, the program must make sub-iterations to insure the the heading change will take place at the exact date required.

So if you change the WP once these calculations have been made, the best that the software can do is to restart at the last iteration of the game.

Is that correct? And could the algorithm be improved in that prospect?

Jean-Pierre aka Spica31

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Post by iconPost by WaterHammer | 2019-02-21 | 09:37:57
WP are executed not at an exact time, but at an exact location. The time will indeed be something in between the engine time steps and will have to be interpolated by the engine. The engine can look only every 10 minutes at the programmings and waypoints and will apply them, unless being removed the last moment. But moving is not possible within the 10 minutes. The UI then shifts the nearest possibility outside the 10 minute range.

Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-02-22 | 19:15:48
Had some, idiosyncratic, issues with WPs in Carib600. Current WP implementation lacks 2 features:
1) Grounding warning, programmation supports this. Should be simple for VR to add this
2) Would be nice if Last WP in a sequence offers the possibility to engage a TWA course

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