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I could swear 2 years ago VR mentioned on its FAQ the UTC time when they update the weather. Some friends of mine and myself new that we have to check weather around 8 UTC. Since I got some information about Zezo weather updates I thought it would be worth to new the actual time when VR is updating the forecast. Unfortunately the information seems to be replaced.

Does someone now the actual update times in UTC?

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-26 | 18:55:47
2 years ago VR was updating the weather only 2 times/day, the fabulous rush at 8 AM/PM

Now they are doing it as soon as the data becomes available, 4 times/day. If you understand how the router updates - it follows the idea of the VR process without trying to recreate it exactly.
Post by iconPost by braunle | 2018-11-26 | 19:09:31
Oh cool... guess the delta between 6h forcasts is quite little then. Since divergence will grow over time the first 4 hours are quite good. The last 2 hours until the next update will be worse. But 6h ist a tight update window. Meaning Zezo is mostly quite close to VR. Thanks!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-26 | 19:14:44
The schedule is pretty much the same, but there is one little detail that I refuse to fix ;-)

VR interpolates the old and new forecast for the same moment in time, and the router does not.

I could probably do it as well, but during that time there is more difference between VR client and server than between VR and the router, so it won't be a big improvement.
Post by iconPost by roguewave | 2018-11-29 | 09:48:18

ok but what hours are these updates?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-29 | 10:36:14
See this thread

During the weather updates you can see a red isochrone line in the RORC and Nautic races. It displays the progress of the update - the fresh GFS data is used between you and the line, and 6 hours old data is used further down the road.

This is connected to a mouse hover box on the "GFS" field in the status line. If it says GFS:00z+ then the popup carries additional data like "Last file:gfs.t06z+105h" (red line is at t+99)
Post by iconPost by Paihia Express | 2019-09-07 | 22:17:04
At what times of the day do VR update the weather?
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2019-09-08 | 07:26:58
You didn't read this thread, did you ?!
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