Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2018-11-15 | 11:39:20

I noticed that sometimes if I turned pro winches on/off it would tell me to gybe immediately or not (very little difference either way obviously) but it seemed odd that it was telling me to gybe without pro winches and not with ... but then I realised it doesn't know which gybe I am on does it?

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-17 | 12:36:02
The chrome extension actually sends the current TWA, but it's not used by the router (yet).
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2018-11-18 | 09:47:44
Right, thanks
Post by iconPost by LaughingSallyLRT | 2019-02-08 | 17:26:25
Is it necessary to purchase foils on the multi 50�s. Since they are forbidden on the real muli�s. reading further they have been adding foils to the boats

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-02-08 | 18:44:21
We only need them for the first two hours, then it's about beating upwind all the way to the finish.
Post by iconPost by coucouelo | 2018-11-19 | 06:28:10
Please can we copy and paste Zezo on Vrtool??
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-02-08 | 18:46:08
The "route" chrome extension can generate gpx files.
Post by iconPost by Ross2105 | 2019-02-11 | 16:36:37
Hi Cvetan,
about last question above, I would like know if is possible paste and overlay the zezo optimal route directly on VR display. It would be really helpful to find out the programmation points.
Thanks in advance.
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