Post by iconPost by alguair | 2018-11-09 | 15:43:55

Hi, Ctevan. What about Jules Verne Trophee???? I'm already gone.... Thank you for your work, buddy!!!

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-09 | 16:41:26

Same as last year.

Post by iconPost by alguair | 2018-11-09 | 20:51:35
you're the best!!!!

Post by iconPost by Lukaliz | 2019-02-13 | 01:23:38
Does a crew get points for every completion of the Jules Verne Race?
Post by iconPost by Lukaliz | 2019-02-24 | 11:42:39
it's been months since I finished the Jules Verne and no new ranking... and no VSR points!!
Does anyone know Why?
Post by iconPost by Ormetkruper | 2019-02-24 | 12:14:19
The race is closing on the 1 of april 2019. So no point until past that date. Did you only do one run? I´m on my 3:rd run. (1 aborted)
Post by iconPost by Lukaliz | 2019-03-04 | 10:52:25
thank you!! I'm on my 2nd...
Post by iconPost by Patrice | 2018-11-09 | 17:38:31
Bonjour heure france = utc+1heure? merci pour votre réponse
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-11-09 | 17:49:27
Post by iconPost by Patrice | 2018-11-11 | 11:42:28
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2018-11-11 | 11:57:03
Si tu veux t'éviter la gymnastique des heures, regarde l'extension Route sur le Chrome Web Store il y a une option Local Time.

If you want to avoid gymnastics of hours, look at the Route extension on the Chrome Web Store there is a Local Time option.
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-11-09 | 21:47:40
Post by iconPost by KLM2235 | 2018-11-09 | 22:29:36
30€ / full pack !?!
Am i the only one being shocked by VR prices increase ?
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-11-11 | 23:05:36
All I can say is that I'm very happy I gave up on maintaining a strong VSR rank after VOR. I'm enjoying Odyssey, but I feel like it's pretty expensive at 9 Euros per leg, and I think RdR is laughably expensive at 25 Euros per entry. 30 Euros for Spindrift? No thanks. I have enough credits to consider doing it on credits... But I'm kinda tired of round-the-world record attempts. And now they have the whole "VIP membership" thing? Wow. No. I think I'm pretty much done with VR, aside from an occasional inexpensive and interesting race.
Post by iconPost by mangina | 2018-12-09 | 11:38:50
Hi Chris,

Great to catch up with at LCYC mate. It was awesome!

I just logged for the first time in a very long time after being far to busy in the real world to even contemplate sailing some VR races. After doing well in JV last year, and with it being a long race, I thought I might try and bump my ranking back up somewhere near the top 20, but the costs have skyrocketed in VR since the end of VOR and Clipper.

I am thinking it is far too costly to even think about until after my virgin S2H mate. Let me know when you are next thinking of racing on VR and if it is within my schedule I will definitely have a grudge match race against you mate.

Post by iconPost by Lukaliz | 2018-12-30 | 19:06:12
Oh man MomSA you have been an inspiration to me! But you're right its very pricey! Ive been doing some races without pay but at a terrible disadvantage. But it was nice to see you in the Sydney-Hobart Race.
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-11-09 | 23:55:38
First Level 1 race since the start of VR3 !! (Last yearl the same race was level 2)
Post by iconPost by Marty6 | 2018-11-10 | 11:38:27
VRs new strategy to simple categorize races higher. The same with the RdR rated VSR 2 where similar transatlantic races usually had VSR 4.

Higher VSR, higher prices ;)
Post by iconPost by rids | 2018-11-10 | 06:20:03
Hi Cvetan , the router is not available from the extension:
" Unsupported race, no router support yet."

Can you fix that ?
thanks in advance
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-10 | 08:19:28
I can't, but you can.

Just reload the extension (like press F5 in the window, it will close itself, open again)
Post by iconPost by Camil95 | 2018-11-29 | 17:44:21
Will it make an intermediate ranking in time of passage, Ecuador, Cap of good hope, Cape Leeuwin, etc ... It will be motivating, 40 days is long. Already on odyssey, no general ranking during the different stages ..!

Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2018-11-30 | 01:37:53
Yes, you will be ranked at each key 'gates': when you pass the Equator, you will see that ranking, but you will not see any ranking beyond where you are in the race.
Post by iconPost by HAVANA | 2018-12-02 | 10:45:34
Bonjour Mcfly BSP, comment fait on pour s'inscrire sur le 1er tableau?
Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2018-12-03 | 11:49:18
sélectionne en bas de page la feuille "TJV 2018-2019", puis écris ton nom de bateau et tes données (départ + durées entre les portes)

select at the bottom of the page "TJV 2018-2019", then write your boat name and your data (departure + duration between gates)

Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2018-12-06 | 20:10:08
How I've added an entry for myself and my start time, but how can I figure out when I passed those gates? I'm well past Cape Leeuwin now.

Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-12-06 | 20:30:54
If you use the "VR Dashboard" Chrome Extension, click on the "MAP" tab.
There, you'll see all the gates and buoys.
Hover one with your mouse to have its state. If you validated it, the tooltip should tell "PASSED" and the pins should appear dimmed...
Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2018-12-08 | 06:51:45
So the only way you can go back and figure out your "passage" time at previous gates is to check back through your e-mail notification. It comes as a "RANKING GATE" e-mail notification. Check the time stamp.


Post by iconPost by alguair | 2018-12-24 | 19:22:33
Jusqu'à présent, on n'est que quatre sur le tableau de référencement 2018-19 des temps de passage et arrivées: c'est la grève???

Post by iconPost by alguair | 2018-12-24 | 19:32:46
In english: So far, there are only four on the table of referencing 2018-19 times of passage and arrivals: it's the strike ???
Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2018-12-25 | 23:02:46
The link has changed. Cervantes has given it here. Thanks to him.
Post by iconPost by alguair | 2018-12-27 | 13:00:43
Thank you, McFly!!

Post by iconPost by kaskou72 | 2018-12-27 | 14:25:03
Création d'une Team COTES D'ARMOR : Team BZH 22
Cette Team ce veut compétitive mais surtout basée sur l'échange des connaissances ce qui ne pourra faire progresser l'ensemble.
Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2018-12-30 | 12:15:38
I would like to use Zezo but I do not know how to choose points A and B. I am a neophyte in the field of sailing.

Can someone help me?

Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2018-12-30 | 12:19:17
I am currently on the Jules Verne Trophy. my position is 22 N 19'38 "and 35W14'23". I go back on Brest.
The site SailingSimuator gives me forecasts only in the direction of the descent.
How should I do it ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-12-30 | 13:35:05
Right mouse click and select one of the predefined destinations. Or pick a custom one ("set as destination")
Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2018-12-30 | 14:05:59

thanks a lot for your help Zezo.
Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-01-03 | 06:55:04
At the moment it seems there are gaps in the windmodel in JV, windspeed down to 2 knts along the route at some points
Post by iconPost by yklg | 2019-01-03 | 08:26:13
Hello Elwin, I've created a new topic with your question (gaps in the windmodel in JV, windspeed down to 2 knts ?) for rapid responses I hope. A+

Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-01-03 | 17:41:36
Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2019-01-04 | 13:26:35
I went back to the Jules Verne Trophy.

I indicated the race but how do you say to start again?

Thanks for your help.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-01-04 | 16:22:50
Click one of the links in the prediction page. It will create new session for you. Or clean your cookies for - it will have the same effect.
Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2019-01-04 | 19:23:39
Thanks Zezo.

But, I am stuck on "Fernando de Noronha". I clicked on "Predicted Times, but I do not see any change. I do not see where the prediction page is.

The prediction page and the predicted timas, it's the same thing ?

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-01-04 | 19:51:38
Click Here ;-)
Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2019-01-05 | 10:49:26
Thank you Zezo.

But that tells me an arrival on Fernando de Noronho, it seems to me.

it's normal ?

I do not master the software ZEZO very well, you will have understood.

Thank for your help.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-01-05 | 11:01:15
The usual indication for a good starting window is time to the equator. Forecast beyond 1 week is not reliable enough to predict South Atlantic conditions.

Fernando De Noronha your the usual initial destination. The route may pass a bit to the East of it, but goes all the way to Brazil more often than not.

You can select any destination from in the right mouse menu - custom or from the predefined list.
Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2019-01-05 | 11:21:34
Thanks again Zezo.

Have a good day
Post by iconPost by Bestofwind | 2019-01-05 | 11:38:52
And after, once arrived at Fernando de Noronho, I take what destination?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-01-05 | 12:57:35
Somewhere South of Africa, then S of Australia/NZ, then Cape Horn, then Fernando again.

Hard to tell how much South and how far ahead. Look for bumps/dips in the isochrones and act accordingly.
Post by iconPost by etrille17 | 2019-01-05 | 16:37:48
je programme 40S10W (ile de Gough)
Post by iconPost by DancingBrave | 2019-02-10 | 06:10:53
Anyone here leave in the same-ish weather window and is among that batch of big name boats currently approaching the Horn?

Just curious how you/ they are doing against the current #1 boat who I believe had a storming run for home up the Atlantic.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-02-10 | 10:15:55
At least half day behind. Does not look like record-setting attempt so far.
Post by iconPost by DancingBrave | 2019-02-10 | 18:39:18
Thanks for the update. I agree, given #1s storming home stretch* I think if you're that far behind him now it will be difficult to catch up. I fell off the back of your weather system at the time and allowed myself to be distracted by Raketa & YourMom setting off anew so was curious to know if I had missed out.

*24 hours after crossing the Agulhas, I was about 12 hours behind (in both senses) you folks and was level pegging with both my best run & #1. My best run finished 4 days behind #1 despite what I thought was a decent Southern Ocean run so I can only assume #1 and 20 or so others latched onto some seriously favourable systems from Horn to Home.

Post by iconPost by Swedeville | 2019-02-15 | 16:39:32
Funny. I thought I was gaining on the leader's "shadow boat" and constantly increasing the distance to my own shadow boat from my previous run until I realized they all of a sudden have started moving backwards.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-02-28 | 21:34:28
Doe anyone know the specific impacts of today's game engine problems on the Jules Verne race?

It looks to me like the boats correctly continued to sail the angle that was set before the crash... which in my case was TWA 135. I didn't have any scheduled moves, because I was planning to come up manually. When the game resurfaced, I had to make a sudden turn to TWA 110. I'm guessing I probably lost 20-30 minutes, as long as the game actually was proceeding on the TWA 135 accurately rather than stalling the boat out completely. Hard to be sure without doing more math than I want to do.

Is that correct, though? Did the boats continue accurately on the course they were on before the crash, or did they stall?

And if boats had programmation set, or waypoints, before the crash... did those function correctly, or not (in the net result, after the game recovered)?

I believe any attempt to alter course or to set programmation or waypoints during the downtime failed. I'm just uncertain about what behavior occurred relative to what was set before the crash.
Post by iconPost by M63 | 2019-03-03 | 07:25:57
Hello YourMom

Our two boats were sailing in the same weather system during the crash.

I had programmed a jibe towards the north in order to bypass west 2 anticyclonic bands present in the North East. This maneuver did not proceed and my boat continued to run eastward at TWA 135/140.

I tried several times to jibe in manual or programmed mode. Nothing worked - we had to use waypoints but I realized too late ... The damage was done and it took us 2 days to get through the system.

I sent several requests to VR support but he turned a deaf ear. He does not want to hear anything about the JV. Their proposal: a full pack on the next Dubai-Muscat race.

Faced with this bad faith I sent 5 requests to my payment system to block the transactions in question. The ball is now in the RV camp because I do not intend to give up.

M63-EZ, skipper of ExeZary
Post by iconPost by Cousto-987 | 2019-03-06 | 18:05:56
Hi Cvetan

ite seems to be a problem with the update of the 17h CET winds.
It is only 7h update and it remains blocked.

Nico "Cousto-987"
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-03-06 | 18:16:03
The 12z GFS was delayed by about a hour today at the source.
Post by iconPost by Cousto-987 | 2019-03-06 | 18:20:05

Thx for your work

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