Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-10-17 | 09:48:15

Hello guys, I am back to VR as this one is kind of a "home race" to me. It was very nice to see the condition of the game improved. Most of old bugs seemed gone, but some positioning adjustment to the map is the new "must be done ASAP" or passing capes will keep risky.

I have a question for the 1st destination. Is it Pompei? As it is listed 2nd in the menu.

I hope someone from VR is visiting this forum

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Post by iconPost by HAVANA | 2018-10-17 | 12:32:29
Bonjour à tous !

Je viens de découvrir cette interface qui, à ma grande surprise, va bien m'aidé pour mes routages de nuit.

Je reviens donc vers vous juste me confirmer 2 infos:

- Mise à jour des fichiers météo heure française, 7, 13, 19 et 23h ?
- Dois je à chaque session éliminer les cookies et le cache ?

Merci à vous !
Post by iconPost by Flying Phil | 2018-10-17 | 18:55:10
Hi Havana,

1) I invite you to read this post :
(and few others about the wind forecast)

2) you don't need to clean cache and cookies each time
Post by iconPost by HAVANA | 2018-10-18 | 06:46:34
Hi Flying Phil,

Thank you for your answer, I have to see the post you say.

See you soon on the sea.

My boat "On est pas fatigué".
Post by iconPost by Ormetkruper | 2018-10-17 | 15:15:22
Can we try to only use english in the forum treads? Should be a good compromisse for all? Don't let it be as the VR forum.
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-10-17 | 16:34:27
I got it all wrong at first, but now Im ok Need no replay to this one. TY anyway

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-10-17 | 17:10:41
It's not exactly Pompei, just a buoy in the middle of nowhere.
Post by iconPost by Flying Phil | 2018-10-18 | 16:56:39
Good news, no bug for the drawing of free cards, I received :
4 help, 7 weather, 2 sails and 0 prog and Waypoint.

VR's algorithm works perfectly;-)

Post by iconPost by Luigiluc | 2018-10-20 | 16:16:52
No, it isn’t Pompei, the finish line, and the start of third leg, is just in front of Capri island. I don’t know why they write Pompei....
Post by iconPost by jacenty67 | 2018-10-23 | 09:13:20
Hi Guys!

What are you thinking about 6th buoy?
Wich side should be taken - star or portboard?

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-10-23 | 09:21:31
5 is starboard.
6 is port.
Post by iconPost by jacenty67 | 2018-10-23 | 09:35:42
Now that's clear.
Thx Cvetan.

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