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Wow, what a race......9 months of sleepness nights over. I was wondering what were the Overall "race" results and rankings. Unfortunately VR has removed this function and now the race is closed. So how did we finish? How did you or I finish? I have the feeling that we may never know after 9 months and race payments. Anyone have an idea when we will know ?



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Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-06-29 | 17:32:54
yes, I know

you will never know because has their bags loaded with money and don't usually care about customers
Post by iconPost by sail4wales | 2018-06-29 | 19:54:57
I remember the good old days with a certificate with your leg standings and your overall result.
Post by iconPost by Alex Wind | 2018-06-30 | 18:21:06
Seriously, I have also been looking for the final results, can't find it.
Someone knows more about it? Nobody is talking about it in VR forum?
Post by iconPost by pmangino | 2018-06-30 | 18:53:55
Post by iconPost by Ormetkruper | 2018-06-30 | 19:32:20
I sent them a mail but have no hope in an answer. I am a little pissed about it. This was the first time I played the game and found it so intreresting that I payed for full options in every leg. So I expect some service back in form of a total result. I am still sailing other races but I will not pay for it anymore.
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-06-30 | 20:32:33
don't expect anything from VR or you will get disappointed
Post by iconPost by Flying Dutchman1 | 2018-07-02 | 11:09:17
What a disappointment!!! After so many hours....months and some of the legs paying full options no final ranking?????. No email to the contester. Nothing???

Unbelievable. This was the first time for me to do a full VOR race. I loved it but I will not play with VR anymore.

Thank you all for the fun together and especially Cvetan (zezo), toxcct and all those making the polars/ routers and VR dashboard. You made it so much more fun to compete.

Thank you all for the fun.I made some great (online) friends

For what it is wurth. At his own account Thijs, one of the people (and VR player) involved in Volvo Ocean Den Haag organisation set up a dutch photo contest on the website.
We had great fun with a few of you (including Charlie2010) on Tuesday 26/06 and even had a guide tour on BRUNEL by Stefan Coppens.

For your info:
Charlie received nothing at all from VR. Unbelievable, second place after so many months. In Dutch we say: "Daar zakt je broek van af"

bibi all, hope 2020 we have another go with a new game provider.

Eric (Flying Dutchman)

PS OffCourse I will stay tuned in on this great forum
Post by iconPost by WaterHammer | 2018-07-11 | 17:23:48
Eric, I second that fully!
Post by iconPost by Swedesailor | 2018-07-02 | 11:49:56
I saw a post on twitter the other day that they somehow managed to put Martin ( Tessa 94 ) and Charles Caudrelier together in the Hague.

Well he won fair and square so no complains there but if only VR had communicated with some of us instead of ignoring every attempt to get in touch with them.

I say they are over and done for the next race.
Im sailing this Round Ireland at the moment and god knows why i started it :(
It is propably my last VR race ever.

Mattias // Swedesailor
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-07-02 | 12:28:43
There was even a picture of that event.

Two editions ago every (virtual) leg winner visited the next (real) start. At least one of the players even got on board for a pro-am race.

Post by iconPost by pmangino | 2018-07-10 | 15:14:20
Those were the good old days...
So sad to see the present conditions.
Princess Marina
Pat Mangino
Post by iconPost by WaterHammer | 2018-07-20 | 13:23:28
I got an answer from Jessica! Very funny, but the link cannot be found somewhere on VR's website if I'm correct. Anyway: happy looking everyone

Jessica (Virtual Regatta Offshore)

Jul 18, 10:35 CEST

Hello Anton,

Thank you for your message.

You can find the rankings here :

I hope this solves your issue.
Have a great day !
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-07-20 | 13:42:38
Post by iconPost by The Prodigy | 2018-07-21 | 16:50:14
can you give me Jessicas email address?
Simon aka The Prodigy
Post by iconPost by Standstill | 2018-07-20 | 13:47:37
Thank you. Link working fine :-)
Post by iconPost by Ormetkruper | 2018-07-20 | 22:30:51
At last!
Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2018-07-22 | 05:10:41
So maybe they have the (world) results for all the races hiding somewhere on their website, but just don't feel any obligation to share them.....the majority of us finish outside the top 50, but never get to see who actually finished around us...

Post by iconPost by Misil208 | 2018-07-22 | 07:33:19

How is this ranking calculated? The question is whether the result from leg 11 is included. And the total list of ALL boat outside top 50 is missing.
Post by iconPost by Marty6 | 2018-07-22 | 10:58:15
The best 6 results regarding points are taken ASAIK (without leg 11 which wouldn't matter for most anyway because of the high VSR level for the leg).

And you can search for boat name to find yourself or others outside the Top 50. If you then click on your boat name you will see your ranking and boats around you.

Post by iconPost by HenrikBo | 2018-09-05 | 02:15:42
Just discovered that VR Race History now include a General Ranking !
Finally a nice feature. Thumbs up....

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