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Good evening people
I remember I've seen in a past topic the effect each of the "extras" has to the speed of our boats, but I can't find it. I wonder if someone is so kind to tell me about it. I need to know if I add winch pro and hull polish what will be the difference.
Another thing is the foils. Foils is fixed? or keep on working partly.
As you probably understood I am willing to get by credits (I have enough)all is needed to be competitive with the full-pack guys for the coming Clipper leg and that info will help me to spend only the necessary cards.
So far I am participating to Clipper with Foils, Reaching sail and Light wind sails, but I found my self with less speed in some parts of the race.
Thank you in advance for the assistance
\theo (bewareth IST)

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Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2018-05-30 | 18:35:49
You can the exact performance of foils and polish on polars:
polish: 0.3% all time
foils: 4% at max

Pro winches: from 300 seconds to 75 seconds at 50% speed: 112,5 seconds advantage per maneuver (sail change and gybe or tack)
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-30 | 21:33:18
Thank you so much Inicio. The link you gave me is great!! As I thought the strong wind sails adding nearly ..nothing and less than the polish or winch.

Post by iconPost by tyghfg | 2018-05-30 | 18:55:14
sometimes is all about 'how you sail', for Auckland-Itajaí i equipped my boats with foils+pw and foils+pw+hull. At the end the difference was 55 places, not so much.. Last clipper... light+pw + good decision got me ahead of many fullpack players (230 and 209)
So right decision making is way more important that what u got on your boat.
Post by iconPost by theo | 2018-05-30 | 21:42:14
This is very truth but irrelevant to my question. Thank you anyway
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