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We've discussed the issue but I'm not sure if somebody posted evidence, so here it goes:

My second boat got a penalty of 139 VSR points (-139 awarded) for not finishing the UltiMed race in time. Also, the ranking says dsq instead of DNF.

Boat is currently VSR 9.

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Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-05-10 | 18:09:14
file a complaint at

it's plain stupid to classify these boats as DSQ whereas they only DNF.

Penalty points are indeed applied when a race is not finished:
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-05-10 | 21:57:13
Hi Cvetan,
from what we have seen, when you do not cross the arrival line in time, you are disqualified, get no credit, and a number of points corresponding to a "default" ranking of 1000000.
So for a Race Level 3, and a VSR 9, this lead to -139 points as we can check in the excel sheet I have shared :
Credits & VSR Points Calculation
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-05-10 | 22:04:02
And in the case of Nice Ultimed, this is clearly not fair as the duration of the race was for sure far too short for the weather conditions we have had.
(less than 3000 boats have finished before the closure of the race for more that 22000 registered ...)
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-05-11 | 01:01:08
The loss of VSR points doesn't seem like the big problem to me in that case... one reasonable finish in any other race will make up for that. To me, the real problem with such a short deadline on that race is the cost. Particularly for anyone who paid 20 Euros for the full pack and then couldn't finish. That sucks. The original race deadline was Sunday, and if they hadn't changed that, they'd have had zero finishers. I can't see any reason why they didn't just give everyone until something like May 15. By then, anyone who cares about finishing should be done.
Post by iconPost by Black Napkins | 2018-05-11 | 13:23:39
Will the same happen in the Transat?
I came in after a week in the middle of the field (without any extra equipment) and since than the wind speed is rather low. It seems I won't be in time crossing the finish line.
Post by iconPost by TomekN_zegluj_net | 2018-06-23 | 15:19:08
What's funny, I've got "plus" points for not finished races (boat name: spoiled_vr).
They are really crazy...

Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-06-23 | 20:48:36
Hello TomekN

Yes ! with the current algorithm, you have to be at least VSR Level 6 to get negative VSR points when not finishing a race.
From VSR Level 1 to level 5, even if you do not finish a race, you get positive points.
In your example, this boat was VSR Level 1 at the closure of "Mini en Mai" on 27/5, then was promoted VSR Level 2 for the closure of Clipper 10 on 29/5, VSR 2 also for VOR 9, VSR 3 for NCR, etc ...

They probably do this to encourage beginners to keep playing, even if they do not finish the first races before the closing date.
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