Post by iconPost by UR2L8 | 2017-12-16 | 17:02:44

Just want so say thanks for this amazing tool.
I only sail the VORG. When I started in 2008 I used the VR-tool for finding the best routes. I could spend a lot of time trying different strategies. And many nights with interrupted sleep to change heading. During the game 2011/12 I continued with VR-tool. But instead of going up in the middle of the nights to change course, I used a small program called MacroExpress, doing that for me. It worked perfectly most of the times, but some nights it had turned a little bit too much :-)
But still, many hours in front of that VR-tool, but then and I think it might have been during that 2011/2012 Vorg that I discovered zezo. I continued to use VR-tool, checking different strategies, until I realized that no matter how much I tried, zezo gave as good routing as VR-tool. The extra amount of time needed to use VR-tool to be just sligthly ahead was not worth it. MacroExpress made me sleep at night, and zezo allowed me to get my normal life back :-)
Same scenario during 2013/14.
This time around was a bit more frustrating though, with all the commercial changes in the game, especially those idiotic cards (what the heck did they think of to come up with that idea?). Oh, and I did the mistake purchasing those VR money, that I have no use for if I want to buy the fullpack, including all the cards.... Seriously!! Do they really think a second about the users? But still, zezo, and now this amazing VR Dashboard, and also the polars, well, that makes me still hang around. However, VR makes me too frustrated now. I really hope VOR cancels the contract with VR and looks for another partner next time around.

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Post by iconPost by UR2L8 | 2017-12-16 | 17:05:35
"Same scenario during 2014/15" it should read.
Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2017-12-16 | 23:23:26
I join you in your critics to bad VR choices but mostly and more important in thanking Cvetan. I also do only VOR and I met Zezo tool back in 2011.
Well done Cvetan, great job in all these years, thank you!

Post by iconPost by UR2L8 | 2017-12-17 | 10:27:45
Yes, Cvetan has done an amazing tool for us, and I am very thankful to him for keeping it running. And now this Dashboard. When I learned about the dashboard the other day, it was like an early Christmas surprise gift :-)
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-12-17 | 10:39:28
There is a button, top right ... lets us be fair! ;)
Post by iconPost by UR2L8 | 2017-12-17 | 11:01:30
hehe, yeah for sure. I have used that button :-)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-12-17 | 11:18:19
Thanks. I can't imagine playing the game without the dashboard anymore. I've always felt the need of similar tool (people were using VRTool to do similar analysis in the past) and I was always losing positions compared to leading boats on the exactly same track. Starting with the square winds and sub-10 minute updates tuned to square borders.

So I've imagined similar tool for a long time, with the function of position transfer to the router only being secondary, but gave up when I saw the latest protocol. Luckily Michael read different page of the Chrome developer documentation.
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2017-12-17 | 14:10:20
Haha I should have put a donate button on the dashboard :-)

But this is your site not mine.
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-12-17 | 14:29:31
would be a nice X-mas present to cvetan if you did ;)
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