Post by iconPost by HKG1203 | 2017-12-12 | 07:42:14

Is anybody else seeing half a knot or so wind speed difference between boats around. I am currently doing 20.5 knots BS in 17.7 kts WS byt cvetan is about 300 meters behind me with 17.9 kts WS and 20.7kts BS. This is even though the game says the wind speed is the same across all of the north east group. On my screen all the boats in the group are doing half a knot more than me.

(i have all features so shouldn't be losing speed due to foils, polish etc.)

Has anyone else experienced this and is this just visible on my computer or am i actually going half a knot slower than the boats around me in the same wind speed


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Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2017-12-12 | 08:35:32
Do we know what the delay in position reporting for other boats is? (If I recall correctly, it was ~10 minutes in the old version.)
Not sure that is relevant to what you are seeing....
Post by iconPost by MichelleWhy | 2017-12-12 | 10:30:57
I experienced this too a couple of times until I find out that reloading the game will resolve this issue.
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-12-12 | 12:23:23
I even saw differences of close to 1 knot in wind in the same zone.

Your boat is the first to update. The others position come after at different moments. The other boats data that you are seeing the same, sometimes even later than that. Other than this there is the refresh of the frame of the wind map you are in.

So when you compare to your boats data there is a delay and it makes no sense.

It's like the Rankings, they come from a lot of sources, that's why when you click your boat you are in one position, when you go to rankings you are in another, when you go to 3d you are in anoter, etc. All of this is a bit more complicated that we would like to be :)

On top of that it seems that sometimes PC's tend to react to this overload of data and tell you crazy things. That's why I think sometimes reloading it, refreshes it all. (don't know why this happen, maybe it has to do with the game draining computer ram... I don't know)

It also refreshes crazy wind angles sometimes, by the way.

Not an expert in tech, but...I hope this makes sense.

Now if I said something wrong the experts are going to call me idiot...anyway... (sigh..)

Post by iconPost by DeepBrine | 2017-12-12 | 12:25:01
Everyone knows Cvetan's boat is not constrained by the laws of physics!

More likely, there is a server delay in reporting changes of windspeed / boatspeed. I would also check to see if your crew just adjusted your sails / helm.

Finally, follow the advice of the IT Crowd and turn your machine off and back on again.
Post by iconPost by HKG1203 | 2017-12-12 | 12:59:01
OK its not just me! Thanks all.
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