Foils? Polish? Ghosts?
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-10-12 | 15:24:21

Cvetan has verified that, in the Clipper, the foils did not work.

The actual speed in the server, translated in distance navigated, was closer to the polar ones without foils than to those of foils (4% between 80º and 160º, from 16 knots to 35 knots of wind).

Has anyone checked if there was a difference between foils or no foils in the other races?

Has anyone checked if 0.3% of the Hull Polish option works?

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Post by iconPost by marcusbelgicus | 2017-10-12 | 21:03:52
Yes the hull polish works, I did not have the polish for the Clipper, and I was around 0.3 % lower than a friend.
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-10-12 | 21:57:12
0.3% or 0.03% ?

Before I made a typo error.

The oficial number is 0.03%. It seems difficult to mesure that...

Have you any other input about the foils in the Mini or the VOR ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-10-12 | 22:20:12
It's 1.003 as a multiplier, which is 0.3%.

That may not be much but 0.3 miles in 100 or 3 in 1000 still make a difference.
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-10-12 | 23:53:51
It's great to know that polish really works!
Let's see if it is confirmed that the foils also work !!
Neither has there been much opportunity to check if those foils worked ...
Nothing in the VOR and a few hours in the Mini, passing through Finisterre ...
Post by iconPost by onyx276ACB | 2017-10-16 | 17:37:50
Bonjour à tous
j'ai du mal à comprendre l'achat de "Foils" sur la VOR 2017-2018 alors qu'ils ne seront utilisables que sur les futurs 60 pieds dessiné par l'architecte français Guillaume Verdier dont la livraison est prévue pour début 2019.
Voir article paru dans le avec Sport 24 du 18/05:2017.
A moins que comme c'est une course virtuelle les bateaux soient tout aussi virtuels.
Bonne course à tous.
Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2017-10-19 | 11:56:36
Post by zezo | 2017-10-18 | 16:19:36
It looks like the foils work in this race - we are currently in half-foiling conditions at the start and a boat with foils shows about 2% higher speed than a boat without, both client- and server- side.
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