Tour de France à la voile
Post by iconPost by dockil60 | 2017-07-06 | 14:28:13

Hi Cvetan,

Will You support Le Tour de France à la voile?
The start of this race will be on Friday 7 July at 2.00pm Paris time.
Thanks for answer, best regards,

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2017-07-06 | 16:17:59

Also replaced La Solitaire in the home page (it's also the same boat)
Post by iconPost by DANIEL-13 | 2017-07-06 | 19:57:49

Bonsoir Cvetan, merci pour ce merveilleux outil.

Serait t'il possible de mettre le tableau Pacotool à coté des courses que vous mettez?

Merci d'avance et encore bon vent
Post by iconPost by dockil60 | 2017-07-06 | 21:53:58
Thanks a lot Cvetan, you're the best ^^
Is it ok that the winds are completly different from VR ?
This afternoon it was 180° difference and now around 60°

ex : at 21h(paris hour) VR give wind 289° 5.9 nds
on start line zezo give wind 229° 10.6 nds
Post by iconPost by turbo | 2017-07-07 | 23:43:31
I think what you mean is the purpose of the "Timeshift" box. Before a new race :
- VR considers the weather forecast for the beginning of the race
- zezo considers the current weather, unless you tick the "Timeshift" box, in this case, it will use the weather forecast for the beginning of the race

I take advantage of this post to thank you Cvetan for this tool!
Post by iconPost by camillelfg | 2017-07-08 | 10:44:37
Hi Zezo,

It seems there is a problem with the calculation on Tour de France.
On the same projected trajectory on zezo and on VR, I find 2h difference in 18h from now.
That seems pretty big.

Kind regards
Post by iconPost by M63 | 2017-07-17 | 20:01:37

It seems there a problem with the polars for this race : polars of class 40 ans not figaro 2.

The winds are also completly differents.

I wipe the cache and the cookies but that was not the proper solution.

Merci et bons vents.
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2017-07-17 | 21:14:22
Hello M63,

I think you're confusing with the real race.
Check the VR Polars for "Tour de France à la Voile", it's indicating "Figaro 2"...
So I don't think the issue is on zezo side.

Post by iconPost by M63 | 2017-07-17 | 22:30:54
Hello toxcct

C0, C5 are not part of the sails of a Figaro 2.

What are this sails ? Are they corresponding to "Génois" and "Grand Spi" ?

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