Post by iconPost by hardy2 | 2016-11-03 | 21:46:30

Bonjour j'ai essayé la Sobedo avec Zezo comme soutient ,mais il n'y a aucune correspondance de vent, je crois que c'est foutu.

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Post by iconPost by MDH85 | 2016-11-03 | 22:55:34
Bonsoir Zezo fonctionne comme le modèle GFS, sauf qu'avec la nouvelle version de VG, les vents sont actualisés à l'heure, j'utilise ZEZO pour m'indiquer le chemin sur un long terme puis j'actualise avec Windyty qui est la source des vents du nouveau VG.Cdt Didier
Post by iconPost by papymichel | 2016-11-03 | 23:58:57
comment faites vous pour actualiser avec windyty pour zézo?
Merci de votre réponse
Post by iconPost by MDH85 | 2016-11-04 | 01:02:17
Dans windyty tu as outils et tu choisis mesure distance (point 1 à point 2). Il va te donner les positions. Tu prends celle de ZEZO que tu positionne sur le même point 1 de windyty. le point 2 de ton choix puis tu animes les prévisions de windyty, tu sais quelle vent tu auras et si tu doit être en Jib ou en spi. C'est moins précis que ZEZO comme avant, mais ça aide bien.
Post by iconPost by BenArfa | 2016-11-04 | 00:35:03
Un petit tuto de votre part MDH85 serait plutôt sympathique 😉.
Merci d'avance
Post by iconPost by kaerou | 2016-11-04 | 00:46:17
Bonsoir MDH85 peux-tu nous d�tailler tes manips pour le VG ?
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2016-11-15 | 17:25:15
Hello, Cvetan. Thank you for all your hard work. You're doing a great job adjusting to VR's changes. Do you know if Sodebo has an ice limit or not? I think it does (even though I got a response in a VR forum suggesting it might not). It looks like your tool is not applying an ice limit, though... currently, I am getting routing recommendations that go to 64S.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2016-11-15 | 17:56:52
No idea. I don't have ice limit now. I'll add it if someone confirms that there should be one.

BTW have probably noticed that I copied the interface changes from the Vendee Globe (position entry and winds). Please drop me a note if you see any problems because I don't play that race myself.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2016-11-15 | 20:19:06
The Sodebo user interface says "Antarctic Exclusion Zone". It just isn't clear what will happen if you cross the line.

I think I've seen a right-click option sometimes for "Ignore Ice Gates". Perhaps you can add it, but then have it only apply if the user is not Ignoring Ice Gates?
Post by iconPost by urbicande | 2016-11-15 | 23:56:22
For info, seen on the Facebook page virtual regatta:
Virtual Regatta Official Page Hello, this year an ice limit will soon appear. You will have to avoid crossing it under penalty of seeing the speed of your boat being slowed down. Concerning the course, the Cape of Good Hope will be left to port and the buoy at Cape Horn before returning to the finish at Les Sables d'Olonnes.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2016-11-16 | 00:21:58
Thanks, urbicande. I believe that refers to the Vendee, where the ice limit is definitely relevant. The uncertainty is whether or not it applies to Sodebo.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2016-11-17 | 19:29:46
Hello Cvetan -

Here's a quote from VR's French Facebook page:

"Virtual Regatta Page Officielle
Bonjour, les zones d'exclusions des glaces seront bientot implemente; dans les deux courses. Pour la Sodebo, elle sera situe; au niveau des 60 sud"

I realize that right now, your top priority must be the more complicated ice limits for Vendee. That is going to be challenging. When you can find a moment Sodebo, it looks like the 60S limit is necessary. I know you've had it in past races, so I'm hoping this particular change will be easy.

- Mom
Post by iconPost by zereguidum | 2017-01-21 | 20:43:52
Hello every body, I just finished Vendée Globe not a phantastic result, between 11/12 thousand, and I am tryin Sodebo. It happens I acn not open my boat in 3D, is that normal?
Thanks for help.
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