Post by iconPost by tmod123 | 2015-03-28 | 21:38:14

Zezo is showing wind changes at 0900 and 2100 hours.
This does not correspond with VOR changes at 0800 and 2000.
Please advise.

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Post by iconPost by tmod123 | 2015-03-28 | 22:01:06
Sorry, just realized European daylight savings time switch.
Daylight savings time switched three weeks ago in the US.
Post by iconPost by BroadwayMelody | 2015-03-28 | 22:36:02
Zezo is showing an anomaly in my chart for BroadwayMelody @ 2015-03-28 20:37:00 CET. I experienced the same difficulty with an earlier chart downloaded at 19:07 CET today. The charts seemed correct through 02:20 CET, but when I tried to enter that time and the corresponding bearing into the VR Schedule program, the time switched to "03:20". VR Schedule would not take any "02:XX" entries. Then when I analyzed the Zezo chart, I noted that it is completely skipping the "03:00-04:00" hour and the end of the 12 hour period is at "09:00 CET", instead of "08:00 CET", which it should be and always is.
I shut down everything and rebooted modem, router, server and the desktop running the game and achieved the same result. still still will not accept any "02:XX" hour course change (which are shown on the Zezo chart) and automatically changes them to "03:XX". Very strange! Please advise what I should do.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-03-29 | 00:42:42

p.s. 02 pm = 03 pm tonight in CET, so it's impossible to have time point between them
Post by iconPost by NOR7034 | 2015-03-29 | 00:53:03
Up to tonight the VVOR game weather changes has been at 07:00 (UTC) and 19:00 (UTC).

Central Europe is switching to Daylight Saving Time tonight. From tonight on VR has changed the VVOR weather update times to 06:00 (UTC) and 18:00 (UTC).

in France the clocks will be set one hour forward at 01:00 (UTC). The game programmers have to deal with this in one way or another and I guess that is why scheduling is not possible between 02:00 CET and 03:00 CET. Tonight that hour does not exist...

For the same reason Zezo charts is currently showing 09:00 CET as the Weather Change time. I hope it will be correct when the new weather is loaded one hour before...

Post by iconPost by BroadwayMelody | 2015-03-29 | 05:12:18
So, if I understand this correctly, the net effect of the time zone changes are that, starting as of 03:00 CEST (01:59:59 CET; 01:00 UTC) tonight, the weather update times continue to be at 08:00 (CEST) and 20:00 (CEST) as before, which times are now the equivalent of 06:00 (UTC) and 18:00 (UTC).

I think that's right; let us know if not.


Post by iconPost by BroadwayMelody | 2015-03-29 | 21:05:12
VVOR game scheduler function is still prohibiting "02:XX" entries. That restriction needs to be removed, as it related only to the "missing" hour between 02:00 and 03:00 yesterday.

Post by iconPost by ekkirop | 2015-04-01 | 01:49:54
Hello Cvetan,

as BroadwayMelody mentioned above, the wind changes now occur at 08:00/20:00 CEST. In your charts they are still marked with 08:00/20:00 CET (at least in my Google Chrome browser). Not really a big problem as I now know when to set my alarm - but perhaps can be fixed easily.

Kind regards,
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