Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-02-01 | 20:11:43

I have stepped up for Leg 4 donation to Cvetan and well outside disappointment in VR for their thinking on issues of Leg 1 and 3. I am sailing.

The game Scheduler for heading and time course change quit for me after Hormuz. Mod says it is my machine because his works fine. My IT guys says not so, but lack of communications with VR server through the Flash player (Adobe on Chrome with valid server address link).

For those of you that use this feature, how is it working for you? Is there something on the "Geek" side that I can check on?

I need this during the dark. Thanks.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-01 | 23:21:56
The scheduler goes out of sync for me now and then.
Loses the track line entirely or the waypoints are one hour off.

Reloading the entire page usually fixes it.
Post by iconPost by cortlever | 2015-02-02 | 13:51:32
I am working with a Chrome browser and have to erase the plug-in history after each leg otherwise I get the fastest route back to the start. Just go to settings - browser history and erase the cookies and plug-in data. After that zezo routing works fine again.
Good Luck
Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-02-02 | 00:21:26
Yep, done that and also the game server. Also have cleared cache, per Mod to no avail. That irritates me because not needed on my machine.

Anyone know how to check the Flash player comm with the server (other that a good result)?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-02 | 03:13:05
You can use the browser developer tools network panel to see what's going on

A simple change of heading looks like this

The answer is


The scheduler is a POST request. On success the result looks like this:

<program idProg="9918" date="2015-02-02 03:58:00" dateGMT="2015-02-02 02:58:00" regul="114"/>
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-02 | 03:19:23
The first thing you can try is checking/disabling browser extensions. Built-in flash should be fine.
Post by iconPost by Moderation | 2015-02-02 | 05:19:14
RickW, Hope I am not the "Mod" you were referring to. I don't think I remember your post or responding to it.
Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-02-02 | 18:22:59
It was not about you, Moderation but to moderators.

Thanks for your time, Cvetan, I will study this for understanding. Bigamist has responded with more details this time and will pour over that. I will need to get the boat in the water, maybe in the Fiji race to see the result. However, I will drop this matter. I have suggested to VR they make this feature more user friendly; it seems like a beta thing now and one needs to go under the hood to use it. Cheers.
Post by iconPost by headless_monkeyman | 2015-02-24 | 10:36:48
I find that if I even look at my schedule with the online version of the game my preset tacks/jibes all change to be one identical compass heading (I rarely use compass headings. This seems like a bug worth reporting if enough people have seen it, but with the game company's usual responsiveness to bugs I won't if it is just me.

(edit to make this make sense: I intended to say the Android version of the game ruins my existing way-points list. )

Headless Monkey
Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-03-13 | 20:48:23
Okay folks, Cvetan has laid out the map with nice new red dots for the stupid gate fence. There is also a nice tour of Cape horn and the eastern shore of South America,

So, it is time to pay up for this Leg. I am the guy on the white horse with the plumes streaming off the hat leading the way.
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