Post by iconPost by peatflyer | 2015-01-19 | 08:09:22

When I enlarge my screen up tp 100% the course line dots are still too close together to be readable.

How to enlarge the screen?

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Post by iconPost by feriber | 2015-01-19 | 11:29:11
You can try to zoom the navigator "page view".
Press "CTRL" and "+" keys together to enlarge page view (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox is the same).
Press "CTRL" and "-" to reduce the zoom.
Post by iconPost by tlew | 2015-01-19 | 14:11:53
Not possible in android to zoom in the browser on zezo.
Post by iconPost by tlew | 2015-01-19 | 20:42:41
Actually, I could. Managed to do it just after I wrote this post :-D
Post by iconPost by peatflyer | 2015-01-19 | 13:21:40
Functions perfectly

Thanks Mr/Mrs Feriber
Post by iconPost by tlew | 2015-01-19 | 14:07:04
Something must have happened the last days. Don't remember the zoom being this bad before?
Post by iconPost by Sir_Petrus | 2015-01-19 | 16:57:51
Hello Cvetan
The problem of zooming with the "CTRL" and "+" keys together, is that, also de dots get zoomed, a continues to overlap.
This is not the first time I felt the need of a bigger zoom. Not so bad as today.
So if it is not difficult, and I believe That I am not alone, Could be handy to have more zoom than the actual 100%.

Best regards and fair winds,
Post by iconPost by RickW | 2015-01-19 | 18:20:50
I will add to Petrus though I hate for you to be in programming mode that much.

The navigation during 19-1200 through 1400 CET required much concentration to keep the numbers in the green. Even with the keypad zoom both hands on the mouse with very slight minute movement was needed with find the correct change time every 10 minutes.

Additionally, coming out of that last dip eastward, use of the Track Line in the keypad Zoom to get the right iteration was very thick and for the detail needed.

It would suit me fine not to do that intense of a drill again but excluding the dots and track line the zoom would be nice. Rick.
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2015-01-19 | 23:23:42
no wind, therefore dots so close
we can hope, that for the rest of the game there will be wind enough to see all the dots easily
Post by iconPost by tlew | 2015-01-20 | 00:04:45
Actually it adds a bit to the flavour of playing the game. Zezo is good, but it should not be too good. So stuff like this, or when we didn't have the right winds for a while due to the new format from NOAA, it was more challenging, and more fun.
Post by iconPost by GeorgeBest | 2015-01-20 | 10:25:58
When the dots come so close together like yesterday you can try looking into the source of the ZeZo webpage. All the information is right in there. You may need to search a bit if it's your first time but once you know where to look it's as easy as baking a pie! Look for the dot.png's ..
Post by iconPost by antwerpen | 2015-01-20 | 13:38:57
Why pacotool send my to the east coast of Vietnam ?
Post by iconPost by headless_monkeyman | 2015-02-24 | 08:45:17
I have to admit I too find the dots too small. I have a medical issue that makes my hands shake, and just zooming in only helps see the target, not click on it.

Still, I can get most of the benefit of the great zezo tool just by rolling over, so I sort of bump the mouse around the desk and that works ok for course change boxes that I wish had bigger dots, and most of my zezo use is the moving pop-up box.
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