Post by iconPost by Fair_Winds | 2015-01-15 | 01:32:53

Hi Cvetan, and once again, thanks for a great tool. (I have made my yearly "donation" to your paypal account, even if it could be a higher amount, at least you got something - something I hope everyone using your tool should do btw...)

Now to my question/suggestion.

Sometimes I think it´s difficult to see if the simulator are suggesting to go on a fixed course (straight line) or if it suggests to go on "windrudder" (twa).

I know, it´s possible to check with the track tool, but that´s only for the "closest" stretch so to speak - I hope you are following me in my perhaps poor english here...
And I know that the twa is seen in a red line, and the cc in a black line.

Would it be possible to make the simulator just let the color on the suggested choice (cc or twa) be decisive?

In other words:
If the simulator is suggesting to use your windrudder (as you always do when beating or going downwind on vmg - that´s a given) - let the color on the line be only RED (then you know to use the windrudder), and likewise, if the simulator is suggesting to go on a fixed course (CC) - let the line be only BLACK.

What do you think of that, would it be possible? (which I think and hope)

Personally, I feel this feature should be a great improvement to a already great tool!

Please feel free to ask if something is unclear, or just make a comment of my suggestion!


Fair Winds!

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Post by iconPost by Tack | 2015-01-15 | 02:28:17

Thanks to "Fair_Winds" for that suggestion, that is actually exactly something I personally have been thinking of!

To in an easy way, see if the boat should go on twa or on cc. (which now is very difficult, if not to say impossible...). Especially on a long distance for several hours without any course change, the info if the boat should go on twa or straight could be pretty big. I have made the mistake several times, to put in the suggested twa and when I woke up have found myself being pretty much "off course",

Please, Cvetan, could this suggestion (I think the idea with red line for twa and black for fixed course is brilliant (or if you prefer, some other colors, but the idea with two different colors depending on which option to use sounds like a simple and distinct solution) be possible to implement, and hopefully as quick as possible (if possible)?

Post by iconPost by Fair_Winds | 2015-01-15 | 02:45:47
Thanks for supporting my suggestion "Tack"!

(Funny thing, the word tack, as I presume you use as alias in the meaning of "tacking", beating, sailing right into the wind - in swedish the word "Tack" actually means "Thankyou" :-)

Fair Winds!
Post by iconPost by Fair_Winds | 2015-02-20 | 07:03:47

Still no answer to thisone Cvetan? (I have also sent you an email with this suggestion, but I haven´t got any answer?

Do you think you could make this happen? (Although I´m in no way a "programmer", but it feels like it should be a pretty easy thing to do?)

Looking forward to your answer!

Fair Winds!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-02-20 | 15:09:37
The router does not really know if you sail fixed TWA. It's up to you to decide.

The problem is that there is some noise in the calculations, so the end result of fixed sailing does not come out like 143-143-143. In reality it comes out like 140-143-140-145-143-...
Post by iconPost by Fair_Winds | 2015-02-20 | 19:06:41
Ok, thanks Cvetan, I thought it was something like that. (There is no problems when it´s "the next" leg, or "step" in the route, then it´s easy to check with the "toggle tracks" tool. It´s when programming longer stretches, not being logged in, as this problem occurs.
I have started to use some oldfashioned "tools" to check when it´s longer stretches on one fixed course (CC) or if the windrudder (TWA) should be used - I simply use a scotch-tape, zoomes in to the max - put it on the screen, and voila´ - it´s possible to see if there is a straight line, or if it´s "a curve". :-)

(This was one of my "best tools" back in the days, around 2005-06 when I was sailing the first virtual VOR, I simply used the scotch tape to try and hit those crucial "hotspots", when there were windsquares, it could be a BIG difference in both strength and angles of the wind for two (four) squares beside eachother! It still works!
Why event the wheel twice... ;-)

Thanks again, and

Fair Winds!
Post by iconPost by headless_monkeyman | 2015-03-21 | 14:50:24
Hello Fair Winds,

If you don't want to get fingerprints or sticky goo on your monitor try using MB-Ruler. There is a great free version, and a less featured but handy plugin for Chrome to choose between. I found it at

Good Sailing,
Headless Monkeyman
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