Post by iconPost by grnat837 | 2015-01-10 | 11:39:29

Hi, I am new to this tool as a few days. I mainly use Firefox
My primary concern is today, I notice that all the wind is to the south a 0 knots. How can I get to see the wind, or are maybe the latest forecasts not being loaded?

When I fist used it moving the mouse around gave me somekind of alternative routing.. but maybe it was real time routing to where I had the cusor. Anyways now moving the cursor does nothing or if I click and move it only moves the map. Is what I saw earlier a feature (seems handy) and can I get it to work again?

In Chrome I only get a blank screen when I try to use this tool.


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-01-10 | 15:12:40
0 kt wind from the south means that for some reason the browser could not load the wind data. Most of the time it should be a temporary problem and hitting F5 should fix it.

The tack tool (red/green/blue lines) uses the same information, so it does not work when the wind data is not present.
Post by iconPost by grnat837 | 2015-01-10 | 21:41:50
OK, it seems that the developers consul for firefox I had, which reported a security error, also enforced it and stopped wind.js from continuing.. I turned it off and all is fine now. Thanks!
Post by iconPost by Taischo | 2015-01-13 | 21:48:42
I had the same problem in Firefox, switching the HttpFox addon off solved the problem for me.
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