Post by iconPost by mpako | 2014-11-04 | 19:31:52

I can not see any green point on my screen even in largest zoom in.
there is red circle and red checkered flag...
is my screen broken? :D

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Post by iconPost by iluvNecas | 2014-11-04 | 22:57:39
Green Point is a neighbourhood of Cape Town, South Africa
there is a little map here:,_Cape_Town
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2014-11-07 | 17:16:20
I see...
"green point" is not equal to "Green Point".
funny, shall I know names of neighbourhood of all ports?
Post by iconPost by Snowpetrel-2 | 2014-11-05 | 01:43:58
"#VVOR : How to cross the finish line?
Par Virtual Regatta - November 4 2014
To finish the leg, you must cross the finish line north of Green Point.
Arrival will be validated ONLY in the green zone (See the picture)
Crossing the finish at any other point will not be taken into account​"

By "finish line", does VR mean the wet part of the circumference of the 5nm circle? What a strange thing to say. With only a single flag, I don't see any other line. Should boats steer directly for the flag, as in golf?
Post by iconPost by Micke | 2014-11-05 | 08:42:55
And one important question I would like to get an answer to is; if it's allowed to cross the finish circle and then run aground or if your boat has to stay afloat until the next update?

Because that will have a big impact on how you want to approach the finish circle.
Post by iconPost by WaterHammer | 2014-11-05 | 21:44:20
I have just finished and I have got the impression that running aground did pay off this time. I optimised my finish to reach as far inside the circle as possible on water. Others went into land and crossed thereby the finish line a bit sooner and ended in front of me. So it appears that VR calculates the intersection time with the finish line. Too bad for me, but I hope that we can unravel VR's inner self.
Post by iconPost by NOR7034 | 2014-11-07 | 01:04:37
I have no information how the game calculates the distance to the centre of the finish circle if there is land in between.That is a new situation.Therefore I stayed at the fastest course to cross the circle and set up a wp just outside the circle to make sure I did not run aground. (Not sure if wp's work inside the circle..) I also set up several wp's to follow the shore contour inside the circle. For a short moment as the game updated I believe I saw my boat had followed some of those wp's...
I am not sure if this was the reason, but I climbed several steps on the ranking the last 10 minutes....
Post by iconPost by marlean | 2014-11-07 | 08:45:03
I also set some WP within the circle that lead me closer to the centre. As I managed to climb 10 places within the last 10 minutes I think that WP work within the circle.
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