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Hi all!

First of all I'd like to congratulate Cvetan for his great tool. Assuming we would all use during the game and would chose the same strategy to sail from A to B: I am wondering whether anyone could recommend a website teaching online tactic to improve the performance of virtual sailors. Something that makes the difference....


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I was disappointed no one posted here, as I would have liked to read on the subject. Cvetan has provided an excellent simulator through programming. I have no idea conceptually how it is developed.

VR sailing is a challenge, as it is hard to get current or updated information. How things work and function in the search for tools (there are a few like this one) then challenges us in how to use them. This one is simple to follow but thinking beyond it is needed at times. Those that use it will all arrive at the same time (nearly) but for a few minutes here and there. And that is what is needed to think about in the dead time as your boat blinks on the screen.

Whether or not you are a sailor, VR is more like a Sim City game, studying the map, forecasted winds, regional wind trends and where is the main group heading. There is a reason and spend some time on this till it the light comes on. Spending hours observing one doing well (as compared to you) questioning everything the skipper does and come to some conclusion for answers. It is slow and tedious but learning comes.

One place to look is the wind cell lanes port and starboard of you. A 10th of a true knot in combination with resulting apparent wind for the sail angle can produce many nautical miles over a wind period; or lose to one overlapped with you.

There are likely no dragons to slay in any process here. There is no quick start for posting high in the fleet. Over a 100k competitors are here and it is a good bet there are many better than you; find them and understand why the do what they do.

Truisms in sailing: If you follow you will not beat what you follow. If one behind you tacks, think about why and if in doubt tack as well; called Cover in sailing. That is starters for sailing here now. In VR there are considerations because it is VR and we are looking at a screen that is not in current time. Think about that, as your competitor will not be able to react till he sees your boat on the screen. We have a 10 minute iteration. Get it?

When you race for hours in an iteration system of time and then over weeks on the VR water, details count. In any competition details count everywhere.

Anyone sharing? This is for starts Enrique, if you like. Maybe we could start something here that may not have been on a forum before.

San Francisco, USA
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Good afternoon from Brazil!

Something that helped me and I would like to share here is I believe this can be useful for anyone to figure out something of what routing softwares do and understand their strenghts and limitations.

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