Post by iconPost by Lolla | 2014-10-15 | 20:24:24

Ciao Cvetan,

I haven't been around for a few years. Nice to be back though.

I don't know if Zezo is meant to support this or not, or if it's a limitation of the lack of flash support in iOS, but I just thought I'd let you know that I'm unable to use Zezo on this platform. If it's possible, it sure would be nice to have.

This is what I found when trying today.

Get boat from home page - YES (but opens in 5% zoom)
Get boat from map - NO
Zoom - NO
Select forecast - NO
Track tool - YES
Toggle track tool - NO
Routing duration (days) - NO
Hover over waypoint - NO
Right-click menu - NO
GFS timestamp not visible in portrait mode
Address bar covers menu buttons in landscape mode in Safari.

Same for both Safari and Chrome on iOS 8.02 / iPhone 6+

Best regards,

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-10-15 | 20:32:47
I'll try to look into that, but unfortunately debugging iOS web pages requires access to Mac OS.

I had a virtual machine for the purpose, but iOS 8 requires newer version. Will try to install one now.
Post by iconPost by Lolla | 2014-10-15 | 20:43:31
I'd just thought I'd mention it. I've downloaded the Puffin browser and it works there so no hurry... but it would be nice.

Off topic... is there a way of moving the starting position on the manual track tool?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-10-16 | 16:53:00
I got the menu buttons working in the IOS 8 simulator. Not sure about real devices.

On the plus side now I have a working Mac OS virtual machine. Performance without GPU is terrible, but useful enough for debugging.
Post by iconPost by Lolla | 2014-10-17 | 01:29:14
No worries. The Puffin browser works fine.

You gotto be careful now :) That's how I got hooked on Macs :) 5 years ago and I haven't looked back. Running Windows as virtual when I need to. The funny thing is that these machines runs Windows better than any PC I ever had :)

PS! Made a little contribution to your favourite cause :) Zezo works better than ever - Expedition is sitting this one out.
Post by iconPost by Maharani2 | 2014-10-21 | 22:38:05
Cvetan - thanks for the 'Update'!

Now you are back on iOS!
Post by iconPost by Lolla | 2014-10-24 | 17:25:58
Works great now Cvetan. Many thanks :)
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