Post by iconPost by jacenty67 | 2014-03-14 | 20:36:42

Hi zezo!
Will You make a track for a next Clipper race?
Start tomorrow at 0600.


Thank's a lot for Your GREAT JOB!

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-03-15 | 02:36:25
Sorry, I was extremely busy with another project (deadline was yesterday, task given today). Will add the destination and time shift tomorrow.

And you can always set your destination manually in the general direction of North America to get you started.
Post by iconPost by din0 | 2014-03-15 | 08:34:27
The race starts tomorrow morning. Sunday 16th march at 06000 UTC+1
Post by iconPost by jacenty67 | 2014-03-15 | 08:56:14
Thank's Cvetan, I forget about manually destination setting :)
And we still have 22 hours :)
Have a nice day!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-03-15 | 16:45:32
Should be OK now. Please let me know if something is missing
Post by iconPost by jacenty67 | 2014-03-15 | 21:25:43
Everything's fine. Prepare to race :)
What's the name of Your boat Cvetan?
I will follow You :)))
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-03-15 | 21:28:47
Big Bird

I'm not very good in races with wind cells. I don't always optimize the border crossings and there are at least 500 players who take care about that and slowly gain on me while sailing exactly the same track.
Post by iconPost by jacenty67 | 2014-03-15 | 21:47:01
I'm joking :)
Zezo is a GR8 soft but I have to trust myself.
I'm also not good in Clipper, just because I have to sleep at night, usually :)
Post by iconPost by SpiritofRacing | 2014-03-26 | 15:50:08
Hi ,Thank you ZEZO for the planner etc.,

I seldom race now due to being still paralysed in legs and shakey hands ;
from a virus in the spine , they think ??? ; since Sept 2012 !

However the browser I use is still IE 6 and this will not update due to a Pc crash thru a new download of SKYPE, in NOV 2013, probably Microsoft engineered as the conditions tell u that they can load down whatever they now choose with no argument from users ! afetrb this It says my copy of WINDOWS is wrong ? but I paid and am using this for 6 years VALIDITY CHECKED out OK !

Since then I have a lot of DLL's gone missing ,no entry points around apparently from this ,so cannot upgrade any W network or Any browsers ;
so cannot even get W / Outlook 8 ... only 6 and this means a loss of + 3years
mail locked away too > I am sailing in San Fransisco OK
Question :with SAIL CHARTS

So I cannot get the charts to work even though it recgnizes my boat from long ago with Virtual regatta, ANY IDEAS plse would be appreciated .
Spirit 0f Racing apetown S.Africa
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-03-26 | 23:47:51
Unfortunately here is no chance the site would work with IE6
IE7 works partially, and IE8 is supported, but does not allow for the full functionality available with a modern browsers.

I guess you'll have to get your windows re-installed sooner or later.
Post by iconPost by SpiritofRacing | 2014-03-27 | 12:50:38
OK thanks ZEZO ... for yr input ,I will try to get IE 7 , from a freind to enable an update ,and have another laptop which may be able to upgrade .
Spirit of racing RSA.
Q. Are you racing in the clipper yourself ,if so Send me a freind notice IN the game ,Robin cheers ?
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