Post by iconPost by g1vaguealame | 2014-02-02 | 16:54:18

Hi Cvetan,

I already logged with an other logging but I have lost it, but I congratulate again you : quickly and very performer routing

Why zezo stop routing on le 15N latitude, now ?

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-02-02 | 17:00:04
I usually set a "probable route" limits to the router for every leg in order to limit the number of calculations and speed up the response time.

The "Ignore gates" option has the side effect that it also ignores those limits and lets you sail outside the designated race course.

P.S. There will be a lost username/password recovery procedure soon ;-)
Post by iconPost by g1vaguealame | 2014-02-02 | 19:59:22
yes thanks, it's good with ignore gates
Post by iconPost by fakuojen | 2014-02-04 | 15:38:23
Hi zozio
I cannot see the wind arrows or wind lines since a few hours. I only see the pop-up 'wind: 0° -0.54kt' everywhere in Clipper and Sodebo. Yet the route calculation seems correct. What solution to apply?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-02-04 | 19:54:33
Everything seems normal here. Please try the usual stuff like clering the cache or checking with different browser if the problem persists.
Post by iconPost by fakuojen | 2014-02-05 | 01:29:38
I cleaned the cache. Now Wind lines are OK with MIE but wrong with Aurora (firefox).
For Aurora to clean the cache is deficient. I re-initialized it and now Aurora shows the correct winds.
Thanks for help
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