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Hi Cvetan

Wonderful tool
Thanks for your efforts!!

The Race instructions on VR for Sodebo have only one waypoint at Cape Horn.

What is the significance of the "Go to WP1, WP2 or Ignore Gates" options on the Zezo chart?

Thanks for your help and support of the VR Community.

No Snivelling

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-01-23 | 23:51:29
You need some kind of waypoints on a circumnavigation. Can't just say 'Get me to Brest, the longest way. Those two lie along the probable path and I may add a few more later. You can and should move the destination point around, but fixed waypoints give you repeatable and comparable results day to day.
Post by iconPost by Colonel | 2014-01-23 | 23:58:15
Thanks again
Post by iconPost by ctr | 2014-01-25 | 12:34:19
hello Cvetan
On Sodebo winds displayed from + 144h do not correspond to winds routing
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-01-25 | 12:37:39
The 144-192h gribs are downloaded at 11:30. You probably caught the moment where you still see the old optimizer result from before 11:30 and the new winds. Should be back in sync right now.
Post by iconPost by ctr | 2014-01-25 | 12:59:08
OK all is well
Sorry I'm not patient enough
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2014-01-25 | 14:07:20
There is a mouse over popup window on the status line GFS field where you can see the exact progress of the grib updates. gfst06z+132h would mean that the first 132 hours of the forecast come from the new model, and those after 132h come from the previous one, gfs00z

Sometimes even the first 12 hour are enough if you are close to the finish, but right now having just half the model data is not very useful.

The updates are scheduled at 11:00, 11:15, 11:30 and 11:45, same thing for 5,17 and 23 hours

What exactly is downloaded at those times depends on the NOAA servers and varies sligthly, now and then NOAA have issues and there are big delays, but generally:

:00 - t+96
:15 - t+132
:30 - t+192 (the full model)

the :45 run is mostly in case something went wrong earlier. The model also took few more minutes before NOAA upgraded their servers few years ago and the output was not complete at :30
Post by iconPost by ctr | 2014-01-25 | 17:34:48
Thank you Cvetan for these explications
I suspected a little of all that but now everything is clear

And again, thank you for your work
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