Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-05 | 16:56:14

I have implemented the 'Avoid tacks' menu option again.

It actually uses the same turn penalty as defined in the game - 10% performance loss for 10 minutes.

In certain conditions it may actually generate more tyrns, so try without it if the result looks suspicious.

This is a consequence of the optimizer logic - it tries to sail in different directions with 5-degree increments. If the perfect track lies somewhere between the 5-degree sectors the track is averaged later and appears as straight line. If straight line is preferred initially, that may result in more than one line segment.

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Post by iconPost by ozze | 2013-12-15 | 13:33:07
hello cvetan
few details about the penalties system
the boat lost 50% of speed spend in 2 minutes
the penalty is applied only at the second minute after sail or route change
best regards
Post by iconPost by ozze | 2013-12-15 | 13:33:08
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-15 | 16:59:21
The game runs in 10-minute steps, so there is no way to have '2-minute penalty'

The 2-minute 50% performance drop actually translates to 10% for 10 minutes.

What bothers me is that the game does not always apply it. Not sure if there is minimum turn difference or something.
Post by iconPost by din0 | 2013-12-18 | 19:06:04
If you use heading programmer u can program tack change within 10 minute iteration, and after that the boat goes 50% slower for 2 minutes.
For example (iteration is at 2nd minute after every 10 minutes -lets say 1752):
1752-1754 full speed.
Tack or sail change programmed at 1754.
Boat goes slower at 1754 and 1755, 1756 until 1802 boat goes at full speed.
If u program tack change at 1801 boat goes slower during 1801-1803 (1 minute in pending iteration and 1 minute in the naext itaration)

If the tack and sail change is made at the same time u get only one 2-minute penalty.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-18 | 19:13:13
I don't think the game works in this way. It does execute changes at the iteration and only on it, so if you program at 17:54 that one is executed 18:02.

From programming point of view your boat does not sail. It makes jumps every 10 minutes, size of the jump being 1/6 of the boat speed, possibly decreased by the penalty.

But I could be wrong. This is just a speculation based on my general knowledge about the game engine. I haven't seen the actual code, and I doubt that someone who has seen it would comment on that.
Post by iconPost by din0 | 2013-12-18 | 20:31:32
In earlier times, it was only possible to turn the boat at full iteration time. But now (maybe since 2 years or more)you can turn in every minute of iteration, of course only if you program it earlier (AO boats only) . If you change the course "handly" through the game interface the boat would go the whole iteration with the new course.
Im sure it worsk like that. Same as waypoints, the boat can turn within iteration.

Look at pacotool. Pascal added 1-minute precision some time ago.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-18 | 20:49:40
That would explain why I can't win a game with wind cells ;-)

But then why the programmed change does not disappear until the iteration is over? You set a change to happen at :00 and then at :05 it's still there ... maybe it's executed at the iteration but the track is split in two like it happens with the waypoints.
Post by iconPost by din0 | 2013-12-18 | 22:24:44
Exactly! You see boat position every ten minutes. Let's say that iteration goes at :00 boat goes course 0. If u set :05 course 90, nothing changes at screen until :10. At the next iteration u see something like the boat has gone course 45 for 10 minutes. (After some time (hours)VR interface shows exact route and moment of course changing(recalculates exact route?))
Note when the programmer is executed at :05 you cannot change it anymore after :05.

If we change wind cell to weaker wind we should go the whole 10 minute iteration as far as its possible into next cell. And if it's stronger we can calculate exact minute of entering new cell.
Post by iconPost by ozze | 2013-12-16 | 14:46:09
Penalties are applied on sail change and tack change, NOT on every direction change. These rules exists only since the leg2.
The english forum disapears from virtual regatta website?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-16 | 17:19:55
Thanks. This seems reasonable and closer to reality. Also explains why I missed few cell borders, expecting a penalty for a small turn.
Post by iconPost by Michel | 2013-12-17 | 16:06:02
For skippers whith clock program another calcul is 1 minute at 0% ans others full speed!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-12-19 | 13:55:33
The router now accounts for sail and tack changes by default. The option is obsolete and will probably be removed from the interface soon.
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