Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-11 | 18:57:39

There are few things uncertain about leg 9:

1. It seems that the boats will enter Baltic sea via the Øresund strait.
Øresund is closed in the simulator because it was the less likely route. I will reopen it later (possibly after the briefing, but see below). But it will be nightmare to navigate and the simulator will be almost useless there, so better stick with the game interface when entering it.

2. I'm leaving on a real trip to Sweden early in the morning on Saturday. If leg 9 briefing comes out in Friday the coordinates of the finish and possible marks will be updated in the site.
Otherwise I'll mark the finish somewhere near Sandhamn. I may get access and correct that at some later time before the finish (unless someone whom I can trust borrows me internet-connected PC in the race village just before the start ;)

3. The site should be running fine unattended for few days unless something unexpected like power failure happens.

4. I may not be able to read my primary mail during the trip, so the blog/forum will be better place for general questions. I'll also try reading my other account (

5. The return flight is right after the start of Leg 10, but there should be some opportunity to prepare the site for it in the meantime.

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Post by iconPost by bigamist | 2009-06-11 | 20:04:02
Sent you an email right now to the
Post by iconPost by bigamist | 2009-06-12 | 17:56:03
Please zezo, check again the link, a change in the finish Point Coordinates. Final is 59°09'N 18°55'E
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-12 | 18:09:19
Thanks. As you may know a lazy programmer is good programmer, so I'll wait to the last possible moment to make the changes ;)
Post by iconPost by BennyLava | 2009-06-12 | 18:36:12
Is there a leg 10 in the Game? In the results I only see 9 legs...
Post by iconPost by bigamist | 2009-06-12 | 18:40:20
You can make the changes, the Briefing is ready and going out now. I have also to inform that nobody cleaned the Passage, so will be a hell there with almost all running aground.
Post by iconPost by Vigilante | 2009-06-14 | 13:31:46
What does Bigamist mean by saying,

that nobody cleaned the Passage... ???

What does cleaning mean?
Post by iconPost by bigamist | 2009-06-14 | 14:38:53
Cleaning the land that appears on Data Map but not in the game Map.
Post by iconPost by Vigilante | 2009-06-14 | 17:58:59
What "Data map"? All I've been doing is to try to conform VRTool's map to the VORG map.
Post by iconPost by Oceans_United | 2009-06-14 | 22:42:04
The Data Map bigamist is talking about, is the map on the game servers. It is more detailed than the Game Map you see on yoy screen. Since Data Map has more detail it has occasionaly been cleaned in other legs to try and make the identical.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-13 | 00:04:47
Oresund is open for navigation now.

The simulator will still display rubbish tracks beyond corners as usual, and it will correct itself once you get to that corner. And it will still give best results with manually set short-term destination and the shortest possible (1 day) forecast.

Finish position is fixed at 59°09'N 18°55'E with 'circle' 58 minutes wide.

Quoting the official briefing:

Please all be aware that running aground is very likely to happen in this leg. Please keep as much clear of the coast as you can. Especially the Oresund Passage will be a big challange! Don't forget to use your "Hide Other Boats" button to keep a good overview.

You have 6 hours left to catch possible mistakes and notify me ;)
Post by iconPost by jynnan_tonnix | 2009-06-13 | 00:36:57
Its quite scary that the map hasn't been cleaned. Do a search for "Maklappen" on Google Maps and you'll see what I mean. The spit shows up in many of the different levels of data maps, but not in the game map or the VRtool map.......
(The maklappen spit next to Falsterbo, not the one in the North of Sweden obviously...)
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