Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-11 | 16:31:55

This post gets deleted from the VORG forum every time it's posted there, so I'm pasting it here just for the record.

Stara Brokva OUT
Actually I never quit in any kind of competition. After all software bugs, server crushes, malfunctioning autopilots, invisible islands, disapearing boys, mistyped SE, ghost finish lines etc, I never complained. But this time it was to much from UG. Five months after winnig in leg 2 I never received my prize watch. And after my protest e-mail they finaly sent it but it was not the one they anounced, but some cheap(est) model instead. Neither TNG or UG want to accept my complain and accusing each other.

It was real pleasure for me racing with (or against) all of you guys but I really cant race UG ignorance anymore.

After posting this topic they banned my two boats Stara & Nova Brokva from the game.

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Post by iconPost by Oceans_United | 2009-06-11 | 17:29:42
Bold move. I salute it. They can't surpress us.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-11 | 18:12:34
I've already made few bold statements myself so one more won't make much difference.

The worst thing that can happen is losing direct access to boat positions from the server, so users will need to click/enter their positions by hand.
Post by iconPost by mpako | 2009-06-11 | 18:06:30
How come, that they can be such arrogant?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-11 | 18:14:01
I'd use the word 'stupid'. Few hundreds of euro should be nothing compared to the bad PR, but what do I know ...
Post by iconPost by bigamist | 2009-06-11 | 20:07:37
I am very sorry, but the story is not complete. Ask Stara Brokva to tell you the all history please. And as far as I know, the BAN history have nothing about this message, but about he being advised to follow the site rules.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-11 | 20:25:37
Every story has more than one side for sure. I just saw the message disappear two times and when copied it when saw it the third.

I'd make a wild guess that the other side of the story has something to do with player paying VAT and shipping costs, but it could be something more stupid.
Post by iconPost by bigamist | 2009-06-11 | 20:35:33
Please, understand that I am not defending no one here, and nobody asked me that too.

One can have problems and there are always propper ways to resolve the problems. What I understood was that Stara started trying to "resolve" the issue on a wrong way, losing the good will of the guys.

Concerning the Posts, United Games ownes the Forum, so they really can delete what they want and they can restrict the access to the Forum to whom they want, as you for sure can do the same here in your forum Zezo.

As for what I already know the guys, I think that they really don't care on what Stara can say on the forum. Remember that from the all universe of players, only a litle percentage goes there.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-06-11 | 20:38:16
There are many good reasons to have your own forum ;)
Post by iconPost by Gerry | 2009-06-17 | 09:26:30
You're right there, Zezo! (Please don't suspend me!)
Post by iconPost by zecdarmor | 2009-06-16 | 23:18:12
Dunno if you read these pages, Stara Brokva, but you were one my " beacon boats" when I was learning the game in the begining. One of the boats I kept on the " friends list", well ahead of me usually. & you tough me the flag of Montenegro ( pretty ). It's a pity to read that & a good thing you, zezo saved it.

Bigamist, you seem a "wise" guy/women ( you never know ) from what I read in the VOR forum. But it feels like Stara was banned for some reason, then tried to get in again his/her own way & was kicked hard out again ?

So wasn't the first message up there that far from what happened ?

Anyways, respect to all. I've been myself very angry on VOR forum never been kicked out.
Post by iconPost by obloviate | 2014-10-30 | 15:05:12
This forum much nicer anyway, as they could give a 'sh_t' on their video explanation of the ICE boundry today; like our hulls are going to be holed and we will all be lost at sea! It might not even matter in the end, but we all know that isn't the point and at least maybe they will think about mid-leg rule changes in the Virtual in the future. Here's hoping for 20 knots soon, running out of food.
Post by iconPost by TINSTAAFL | 2014-11-02 | 21:55:18
Nothing surprises me from the VR organisation anymore. They must be the worst possible organisation concerning customer care, really arrogant people. Something to do with being French?
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