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Hi Cvetan,

You give an additional wind update at 12h and 24h, which is good.

However, after 12h and 24h, your map and the winds in the map are difficult to read at times. What would be reasonable would be to only update the wind predictions but not the wind currently in place in the game.

You seem to also update the wind for the current time. E.g. today, now, I have a wind of 22.1 kn at 267°. This wind cannot be seen anymore in your map, neither in the map itself, nor in the black dots, when I pass the mouse over them.

This is at least disturbing. What is more: I don't know, whether the routing calculation is still correct. Is it based on the current winds for the remaining 8 hours? Or is it based on the new winds from NOAA - and thus not in parallel to the game?

Any comment from your side, Cvetan, would obviously be highly appreciated.

Malte / Frankfurt

P.S.: Why are there regularly these strange posts in this forum?

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-12-28 | 16:03:48
The current winds should never change.

I see 22.1 kn at 267°right now for 50S 158E.

There is small possibility of race condition that can be triggered if you refresh the site in a few second interval at about 8:01 and 20:01 that may shift the current wind and +12h, but that does not happen at 2h and 14h.

There is also similar race condition that can confuse the browser cache and leave some old winds displayed for a while, but that does not affect the popup data windows.

And what you see in the popup windows is what was used in the calculation - that's how it works.

The strange posts are from idiots, that believe in SEO. Not that SEO is strictly impossible, but it does not work this way.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-12-29 | 00:42:32
Thank you for the answer. I will observe the situation and report back to you.

Malte / Frankfurt
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-12-29 | 00:43:00
Oh: what is SEO?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-12-29 | 00:52:32
Search engine optimization.

Some folks believe that you can get in the first page of google search results just by spamming forums.

Maybe the spam has something to do with the fact that is the first hit for the search term zezo, and therefore it should give you a lot of good search engine karma.

With the funny fact that I never did any type of SEO, even the working one, just have provided some kind of useful service and googl has a way to know that.
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