Post by iconPost by MaxHipshot | 2010-05-02 | 12:48:58

Hi Cvetan,

Got a request mate.
Would it be possible to reserve a small area of the screen with a tabular output of routepoints?

My suggestion:

<Time> <postion> <Course> <Sail> <- blue.. game wind-change time
<Time> <postion> <Course> <Sail> <- black .. intermediate routepoints
<Time> <postion> <Course> <Sail> <- blue.. game wind-change time

This way we could copy/paste in a text-editor and use it for planning courses more easily. A skipper could decide to use the intermediates or only the wind-change elements.

Thanks for considering.

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Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-05-04 | 23:06:50
This issue has been discussed and decided a long time ago.

Cvetan decided against giving the data out in text form. If he did, people would import these data into their (forbidden) programmable pilots, that way building a fully automatic pilot.

The deeper issue is: how much hand work and how much automation should be in the game?

Complete hand work would imply to stay up all night, which would quickly alianate most players. So: not a good idea.

Fully automatic pilots are not very funny either, because than the computers would play against each other and not the players / sailors / humans. Who wants that? The regatta would end up being a programming contest.

The GAME decided to only allow their programmable pilots but not those built by the players themselves. I think this is not very convincing; it has a notion of them wanting to sell us their programmable pilot and get the 10 € from us.

And their programmable pilot can't even change sails...
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-05-06 | 19:01:27
Thanks for answering this one. Nothing happens here for weeks, but when I leave it unattended for two days there are about 20 new posts ;)

btw in the newer games the auto sails option works with the pro sails, so the last point is fixed.

btw2 the tabular output can be extracted from the page source with some creativity, and I'm aware of at least one person doing exactly this, but it's left as an exercise for the reader ;)
Post by iconPost by OldChapZ | 2010-05-16 | 11:16:18
Extracting the Data is not the the tricky part (heard about Regex ? )

But validating WayPoints (pretty circles around by weak winds and slow speed) and manage winds and forecasts changes is a bunch of surprises.

My boat's positons (6) were 1500/2000 at 6h58 this morning and 82000+ at 7h08. I have no idea of what happened.

I was aiming the wrong coordinates (Thanks MP : 2° W). Till 7h00 the two routes forecasted by Zezo were identical. Not after !
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-05-21 | 23:32:33
You were probably overtaken by the pilotboat. The pilotboat groups all those that do not sail / login. Thus, the pilotboat covers tens of thousands of places.
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