Post by iconPost by papy_lanic | 2013-02-09 | 13:05:00

Do you plan to choose the "boat" charcteristic i.e. speed = f( wind strength, wind tack)?

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Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2013-02-09 | 13:42:36
hello Cvetan antartique pursuit race day it will be tomorrow zezo
Post by iconPost by Michel | 2013-02-10 | 11:40:14
You can use
I dont remember this are charts of Groupama Race or Banque Populaire race (the new winner)
Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2013-02-10 | 15:24:08
merci bien michel pour le lien , je connaisais déjà , mais c'est dommage que Cvetan ne met pas a jour pour cette course , idem pour gmrtool cela aura duré juste pour le vendée globe dommage pour les skippers virtuels , heureusement il y a vrtool présent a chaque course allez bye et a bientot
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-02-10 | 15:24:48 is maxi trimaran, but uses half-degree wind grid. should be useful for the general strategy.

I'll update it with the regular 1-degree grid - probably tomorrow.
Post by iconPost by papy_lanic | 2013-02-10 | 20:34:01
I use it until your update!
Thank you for your response!
Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2013-02-10 | 16:45:54
Cvetan thank you for your answer but to start A18H, routing does not match with the wind?
Post by iconPost by Ke20 | 2013-02-11 | 09:01:54
Hi zezo, thanks for you website. But, like buez-ar-vro says, routing are false and does not match whith the wind. What the matter ?
Post by iconPost by DarkNounours | 2013-02-11 | 11:31:06
Hi all.
Thanks Zezo for all the work you did with this wonderful tool.

buez-ar-vro, Ke20> Yes I noticed the same behaviour. I had a proposal for a route at 10�TWA. I guess the boat would have not been much farther :)
This is weird because sometimes the wind data did match but at +12 / +24 hours and so on.
Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2013-02-11 | 13:50:43
it's a shame that the routing does not work, it penalizes people who use zezo, and thus gives the advantage to users vrtool, avalon etc etc. good luck to you anyway,
but I said that for me is the best zezo router, even if it is not a day for shopping
Post by iconPost by DarkNounours | 2013-02-11 | 16:53:49
"It's a shame" well I use Zezo pretty much and it is much more proxy friendly than vrtool for example. But instead using these words we can kindly ask to Cvetan if he could spend some time to get the tool work on this race, that would be wonderful.
Otherwise I am afraid that we will have to get real navigation skills ;)
Post by iconPost by peatflyer | 2013-02-11 | 21:15:05
I stand with you DarkNounours. We all must be thankful to Cvetan for all his very useful work and not use that kind of criticism

Post by iconPost by afornoe | 2013-02-11 | 21:07:51
Thank you Cvetan!
Post by iconPost by Patsmallina | 2013-02-11 | 21:24:36
Merci Cvetan!!!
Post by iconPost by manub | 2013-02-11 | 22:26:42
Great program and congratulations for your work.
A big thank you Cvetan.
Post by iconPost by DarkNounours | 2013-02-11 | 22:29:55
Cvetan> Thanks, man :)
Post by iconPost by Ke20 | 2013-02-12 | 08:16:12
Big thanks, Un grand Merci à toi !!!
Post by iconPost by laurent-r | 2013-02-12 | 12:42:45
Merci, C'est super ! Merci
Post by iconPost by e4c5 | 2013-02-12 | 12:47:13
Enorme merci !
Post by iconPost by buez-ar-vro | 2013-02-12 | 13:56:04
hello CVETAN grand merci a toi je sais que tu fait du bon boulot et je t'en remercie , petite précision il faut dire que le traduction google met dès fois des mots que l'on ne veut pas dire c'est pour cela j'écris en français pour te remercier Cvetan et te dire en core grand merci tu es le meilleur , ce serait été bien si zezo serait été opérationnel dès le départ mais encore merci CVETAN
Post by iconPost by papy_lanic | 2013-02-12 | 14:05:00
Best greetings CVETAN for your update!
now your tool is nearly exact. A small diiference (-) with real speed of boat. It's new generation of boat!!!
Post by iconPost by papy_lanic | 2013-02-12 | 14:07:15
for buez ar vro
ARe you running? i can't find you on VR
Post by iconPost by javakeda | 2013-02-18 | 03:13:08
FWIW: the CSV 'complete' polar file linked in VRtoulz 'polars' page is not congruent with the polar values obtained through the graphics tool available on that same page.
Seems life the Zezo model [on the Austral page linked through paco] IS congruent with the boat speeds I get directly through paco.
I wonder if you have a better polar file that you might share.
[Speadsheet buff that I am, I want to do my own analysis of polar VMGs.]
Post by iconPost by Ke20 | 2013-02-22 | 08:50:35
hello Cvetan, I tried to look for my road to Horn, but I'm blocked on the right of the map. I can't move to the horn. How can I do ?
Thanks for all of you works, because without you, I'm nothing ;)
Post by iconPost by Gaborje | 2013-02-23 | 15:12:03
Hello Cvetan, I have the same problem than Ke20 ! No new road to the Horn.
What can I do to get it ?
Thanks a lot for your help
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2013-02-23 | 20:48:57
You can move left to the Cape. Boat will take the shortest distance, no matter on which part of the chart you place the point.

Ideally the chart should have been endlessly scrolling, but there is a problem with the way I've done the isochrone and track lines.
Post by iconPost by Gaborje | 2013-02-23 | 21:09:06
It works !!
Thanks very very much.
And one more time: CONGRATULATION for your wonderful job
Post by iconPost by Titou | 2013-02-23 | 23:04:15
Hi Cvetan,
Sorry but I did not get your latest explanation.
I can reach the Cape when scrolling by the left but when i manually position a destination point near Cape Town, i get the same road as the one i get when doing 'Go to Cape Town' and i still cannot see my entire road.
Would you have a tip please ?
Is this going to be fixed at some point ?
Thank you in advance and many thanks for providing us with such a useful tool !!!
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