Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-12-04 | 18:18:45


Support for Vendée Globe is finally here. Back-porting the VOR improvements to the VR games was a bit more difficult than expected., shoud also be linked from the home page.

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Post by iconPost by Dana1 | 2012-12-04 | 20:20:27
A big thank you. It looks good.

Post by iconPost by Dana1 | 2012-12-04 | 20:48:02
A technical question.

In VOR there was a Chrome extension to locate personal boat/friends/swarm on the SS page.

Is the link from Paco currently the easiest way to locate our own boat automatically on SS? Or is there a different way we could use?

Nothing wrong with with Paco, great site.
Post by iconPost by gilles_provost | 2012-12-04 | 21:19:07

It doesn't works with the old IE7 installed on my office PC configuration.

Multi layer seems not compatible (Blue backlayer, wind in upper array of screen, no any location,...)

Leave /jv_mono/ avalaible please...

Post by iconPost by gilles_provost | 2012-12-04 | 21:24:03
Arghhhh... (2nd)

Same symptoms with Firefox 3.0

Is there someone has an idea ?

Post by iconPost by Belladonna | 2012-12-04 | 21:30:31
Well done Cvetan, outstanding new map and interface !!!
I just hope your router will be more efficient for the Great South :-)))
Post by iconPost by nikopo | 2012-12-04 | 21:33:06
Nice job, Thanks a lot !
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2012-12-04 | 21:47:40
Hi Cvetan,

Great job!

Could you give us a link where to find an explanation about the new features, colours, lines, abbreviations? Thanks.

Could also make sense to put that on your homepage under Q&A.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-12-04 | 23:05:31
This is a back-port of the version I did for the last VOR. Unfortunately I lost part of the forum database containing the new features.

There are a lot of new features under the hood like variable time-step within one chart, so the Days option is no longer needed in the way it was before.

The new track tool shows 3 lines

- Blue is great circle/orthodromy
- Red is loxodromy - sail with fixed heading. Difference with the blue one is well visible in the high latitudes.
- Green is fixed wind angle (TWA)

In the status bar DST is distance/direction from boat to cursor and DTF is from cursor to target.

The winds are rendered client-side and the display is updated as soon as new winds are in use by the optimizer. The GFS field in the status bar shows the last complete model loaded. if there is a "+" there part of the data comes from the new forecast.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2012-12-05 | 01:43:50
Thanks, Cvetan.
Post by iconPost by MeRongo | 2012-12-04 | 21:52:51
Thank You! Once again U are the IT Game Rock Star!! CVETAN Rocks!!

Post by iconPost by Whitbyweather | 2012-12-04 | 21:55:40
Hi Cvetan,
Thank you so much for all the hard work, the charts are great. One problem, the latest version of chrome will not allow us to run the add-on,It needs to be added to the Chrome store.
Could you please look at this problem for us?
Post by iconPost by Paula | 2012-12-04 | 22:22:32
Great stuff Cvetan! Many thanks... the Chrome add-on would also be a great help :)
(No Going Back)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-12-04 | 22:57:12
The chrome extension does not work with the VR games, but you can use to get your boat position and generate link to the chart.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-12-04 | 23:08:26
@gilles_provost sorry, I've dropped support for IE7. IE8 should work (without the new client-side winds. should give the old look). Firefox versions above 3.5 should work too.

If you need old version the closest race is probably /velux/ . It uses Open 60 boat, but the polars were slightly different few years ago.
Post by iconPost by Kroosdoiker | 2012-12-04 | 23:12:05
Looks great Cvetan, many thanks!
Post by iconPost by alana | 2012-12-04 | 23:29:43
Really great !
I'm a beginner so my question might be stupid ;)
I don't get the same square in VR and in your sailing simulator, why ?
Post by iconPost by afornoe | 2012-12-04 | 23:30:40
Thanks Cvetan, much appreciated.
Used your tool in VORG; it's magnificent! Now able to continue with it.
Many thanks from FiF (=me)
Post by iconPost by Paula | 2012-12-04 | 23:45:19
Working on iphone. Had some difficulty opening context menu with + over black dot but ok now. Thanks!
Post by iconPost by Maar | 2012-12-04 | 23:48:36
Hi Cvetan - GREAT JOB!

I have one question. Is possible to change time zone UTC to CET (UTC+1)?
Post by iconPost by Shamrock | 2012-12-05 | 08:44:31
I look at my charts this morning,your new version of the charts is very very good. Thank you for your work. In french "chapeau bas".
Post by iconPost by K2_2266 | 2012-12-05 | 10:03:05
Thx Cvetan, great work.

Maybe you should state, that you use UTC-times in your routing. I was a little irritated yesterday, because the time did not match the pacotool times.
The many wind arrows within one windfield are new, aren't they. I would like it better with just one arrow in each windcase, but that is a personal opinion.

Thx very much anyway,
Dirk (K2 2266)
Post by iconPost by Titou | 2012-12-05 | 15:03:18
Thank you so much Cvetan for the great work !

It does work on iphone but for some reasons, when i click on the dot i cannot see the advised heading and sail.
The square where we get this info is partially hidden on the left handside of it (where the information is).
Could you help me please ? Or does someone can help me ?
Many thanks !!
Post by iconPost by Paula | 2012-12-06 | 00:57:36
Hey Marie,
You just need to turn the iphone to the sideways position (landscape orientation) and all the information from the context menu is visible.
Fair Winds!
Post by iconPost by rcspam | 2012-12-05 | 21:55:23
Hi and very good job.

Is it possible to add the possibility to change the reference time,because a big part of the flaot is french and the time in Virtual Regatta is one hour decay from UTC.

Thank very much.

Post by iconPost by Titou | 2012-12-06 | 14:07:38
Thank you Paula for your help !
I see a bit more of information but not the time corresponding to the black dot...
Any idea ?
Bon vent !
Post by iconPost by Paula | 2012-12-07 | 09:41:20
The time corresponding to the black dot is on the top line at the right hand side in the context box. i.e 2012-12-07 08:20 UTC (T+1:30)
Post by iconPost by ozez | 2012-12-08 | 12:01:15
Beautiful map and incredible calculation system ! Congratulations!
You are my god !

But two blocking points at my level to use.. Is it possible to improve it :

• One major: how to get UTC +2? Is this a mistake ? If not, would it be possible to send a command via the url?
(eg o=4&wind=12&days=1&utc=2)

• One minor: is it possible to send a command via the url to select the "wind_display" in "Black barbs", "Color barbs" or best for me "Arrows"?
(eg o=4&wind=12&days=1&wd=a)

Thank very much and "Bon vent !"...
Post by iconPost by didierma | 2012-12-08 | 12:55:10

Good work !! congratulations !!!

I've a question : why there no different between "ignore gate" or "not ignore gate" ??
Even I uncheck, the track ignores gate...


Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-12-10 | 16:41:45
The optimizer only supports point gates, like 'keep buoy to starboard'. The type of gates used in this race is hard to do properly. Impossible without rewriting and slowing down the optimizer. So there is some strategy left to the players ;-)
Post by iconPost by Maitre_Garrett | 2012-12-10 | 20:05:53
Hi ! Very nice tool, congratulations for your hardjob.
Just few suggestions regarding the possibility to take the gates into account for routing : I perfectly understand rewriting the code is not an option. It might be more easy to allow users to drop buoys to force the routing through those points, which could help routing further than next gate and keep some user's strategy in the game (users would anyway have to define buoys positions by themselves). Another workaround possibility would be to allow routing from a user-defined time origin.

Have a nice evening.
Post by iconPost by Briwann | 2012-12-11 | 22:32:08
Hello Cvetan,
About your last comment, it was a hard challenge to optimize routing with gate, i listen last week some skipper of VdG (real not virtual...) that comments his own routage on-board (Arena or Maxsea ?) doesn't have this function....

But, i think (as i demand in an other post) that it is possible to add a WP passage to a destination, its easiest than a gate don't you think ?

You're a very add-on value provider to keep interest for virtual races.

Have a nice day.
Post by iconPost by Capecod | 2012-12-14 | 09:53:57
Hi all

very very nice mobile web app, but how to get the informations with time and heading for each point to the next one, on the route between the actual position and the destination in virtual regatta race ? to program heading change during the night..

Thanks for answer
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