Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2009-11-21 | 01:48:06

Cvetan wrote recently:

"But I was wondering all the time if I will continue developing and supporting the service at all. Money is part of the problem indeed (it always is ;). Another somehow related problem is that the site popularity went to almost zero after the end of the VORg, but it's gaining slowly, and it starts making some sense again."

Aaaaahhh! Imagine life without Cvetan (= Zezo)!

Cvetan, what can we do for you?

Folks: Donate! And make Cvetan more popular among your friends.

Thanks to all, and certainly to Cvetan. Your tool gave me so much joy. It's wonderful. Even my wife knows about it!

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Post by iconPost by K2_2266 | 2009-11-21 | 15:11:12
Hi there,

can't believe that the popularity went down so much. The leaders of the last leg in the Clipper Race all seemed to know where to go pretty much. We are at least two german sailors that have been using your tool successfully (places 49 and 74)

So thanks so much and see all of you on the 4. leg.

Greets Dirk
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-21 | 19:22:32
I got more than 2000 users in 3 months during the VOR (started the site in April)

But the later games were mostly french (90+% of the players) and that's another circle of users, different forums, etc.

I missed the Challenge and then started again in Tour de France, with something like 50 users. The forum rules prohibited advertising the site so it was a slow process - until someone discovered it and posted it to complain against it ;)

Now back to about 1500 and gaining slowly.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2009-12-07 | 00:05:15
How have things evolved in between?:
- popularity,
- donation,
- motivation?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-12-08 | 19:43:21
Popularity is growing steadily. Usage fell down a bit by the end of the Jacques Vabre, but is still fine.

Donations come now and then. I should have chosen real subscription based service model if I was serious about making real income. It's still not too late to do it (people like you will receive lifetime subscription ;)

Motivation is fine, but I got some other work in the meantime, and also some personal problems. Nothing serious, but enough to distract me from writing code and answering questions. It should get better really soon now ;)
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2009-12-09 | 01:12:43
Thank you so much, Cvetan. I will keep that offer in mind.

I don't know how much work it is to just keep the system running as it is. That would be fine.

I hope things turn out well for you.

Oh, by the way: How has this open source routing tool grown, that was once announced in this forum?
Post by iconPost by BennyLava | 2009-12-12 | 23:09:54
I was expecting a kind of subscription form and in fact would have subscribed to that. I guess 30-40% of the users would do the same, however I could be wrong. I have donated twice, but wouldn't mind a small fee. However if you decide to have a sub, there will be more demand for this site to be serviced more regularly. In the meantime thanks for all the work you've already been doing here.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-12-09 | 17:58:42
It's not too much work. Few minutes for each new leg, and few hours for a new race or a major change in the current one.

I may have to give some priority to "paying" customers if performance problems arise and there is no money enough for upgrade.

The tool looked promising, but I haven't checked it recently.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2009-12-27 | 14:10:35
I am glad to hear that it usually does not take too much time to keep the system running. This opens up a perspective for a longer life for you fabulous tool, Cvetan.

I will continue donating.

I saw you achieving a very good placement in the last leg of the Clipper. I assume you are using your tool. Keep on playing!
Post by iconPost by Vigilance | 2010-02-21 | 20:29:46
"Paying Customers"? I was a steady fan during the VORG. I would be very interested in becoming a 'private client'. It should be very easy to make this site a private site? Non?
Post by iconPost by rael | 2009-12-12 | 21:22:11
Hi Cvetan!!!
Thanks a Lot!
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-01-27 | 01:03:31
Hi Cvetan,

How is your new job going? What is it, by the way? (If you are willing to answer.)
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-01-29 | 01:17:44

I saw you wrote in one of the other topics, that you only received 600 € of donations. That is ridiculously few (if it is still true).

Folks! Shame on those who did not donate!

If I were you, I would seriously consider transforming your service into a subscription based service. Take 10 € per regatta.

20 loyal customers would bring you more than 1.000 unloyals players.

I will subscribe.
Post by iconPost by BennyLava | 2010-01-29 | 02:20:00
I agree, this site should be paid for. This however should come with a little bit more options. Think about it Cvetan. BTW I donated twice, will do it again next month.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-01-31 | 02:14:59
What options do you suggest?

I donated a handfull of times (correct me, Cevetan, if I remember incorrectly). I am approaching in sum 100 € of donations, during several regattas. So my share seems to be 1/6. This is more than it should be. It should be 1/"quite a few more donations by others".
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-01-31 | 15:25:45
Make it 1200€, but that is probably less than 50 cents/user on average (the reality is more like 60 people, 20€ each)

And subscription based service will be more fair to paying customers like you - they'll get some advantage like in the game itself.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-01-31 | 23:24:32
Everybody can get this advantage, but they owe it to you and should donate / pay you for that. You spent your nights programming the tool. A small amount of money for that per person is really more than fair.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-01-31 | 23:01:22
60 who donated. That would make perhaps 30-40 subscribers per regatta. Plus some more who would subscribe if they are forced to, if they want to continue to use Zezo. So perhaps around 50 subscribers per regatta (or more). 10 € is the price for pro sails and auto pilot. So I think 10 € is the price for Zezo.

That would bring you an estimated 500 € per regatta. As I know that now that the system is running, a new regatta is not much work for you, I consider this interesting for you. It also has the potential to slowly pay you back for your initial efforts.
Post by iconPost by Bubsy | 2010-02-05 | 02:38:53
I am new to the game and am beginning to appreciate this simulator. However, I am having a few teething problems.
Whenever I switch off, and then switch on again, the screen always reverts to South Australia, meaning I have to re-position my boat all the time . I thought that Bookmarking the page was supposed to solve this, but it doesn't work with me. Also, how do I make other boats appear on the plot?
If I can sort all this out I will certainly contribute to the cause.
Is it difficult to allow a trial period for this program - before making a mandatory charge? I would hate to see Cvetan discontinuing this great tool because of meanness of the users.
Post by iconPost by RodH | 2010-02-16 | 22:28:06
I have an identical problem with the chart screen always starting with Australia, which is where I first started to use SS. Nothing I do seems to change this, including deleting all bookmarks relating to SS, and searching for SS zezo again, and bookmarking again---I still get my original Australia chart....
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-02-17 | 23:01:19
Paste your current profile from the VR game into PACO TOOL (upper right corner) and then use the Zezo-Link in the upper left corner, and you will come to Zezo with your boat at the correct current position.
Post by iconPost by Vigilance | 2010-02-21 | 20:38:07
For Reals?
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-05-02 | 18:17:31
What do you mean?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2010-02-17 | 20:44:38
Thanks for noting that. It seems that the latest Google Chrome browser does not save the cookies from this site beween sessions. I'm checking why, but in the meantime you can bookmark the fullscreen page which includes your state in the address.
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-03-18 | 00:22:38
Holy Cvetan,

where are you?

We need you to update your polars in Clipper. Or did I miss anything?
Post by iconPost by Frankfurt | 2010-05-02 | 18:18:23

Are you still alive?

Please give us a sign.

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