Post by iconPost by rwbello | 2012-10-08 | 22:06:35

Dear Cvetan!
Could you explain why you withdrew from the races? It's not because of her disqualification in VORG! It is? Nonsense!!!!
I keep competing and since then and I have used various tools but ...! The best tool is still the SS.
Now we have one more trip around the world to follow, and without it I do not have time to calculate routes and work.
Think of several skippers that accompanied the development of the SS, helped create the right tool for the needs of the virtual sayling, and now ...!
If so, register and sell your program out instead of waiting for donations! I'm sure it will be very well accepted and will be a bestseller!
Thanks anyway!

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2012-10-09 | 19:20:06

I haven't withdrawn, have even stared in the Vendée prerace (my boat in VR is called Big Bird) but some weird combination of course scheduler, autohelm and iphone app made my boat sail in the wrong direction for two hours this morning :-(

I will be supporting future races, but thought that the Prologue would be more like beta test than a full race with options and prizes and it caught me a bit unprepared.
Post by iconPost by rwbello | 2012-10-12 | 16:32:00
Great Cvetan! Pleased to see you again! I'm with you since VORG - Leg 1 (boat "bello 1" - General ranking: 452nd) and still ready to help where I can! My boat in the "Prologue" is "rwbello"
Post by iconPost by MeRongo | 2012-10-09 | 20:01:05
Ya I see U got a Zezo Main. Nice touch!

Lots of wind wind no pressure to win. That the "real Skippers" are taking some time out of what must be CRAZY DAYS to V-race is really impressive!! So Im Gusstarouting with the old Clipper chart. should be enough to keep me moving. The Clipper chart and 0$ in this race is enough FUN as the 2AM soon to be 3AM weather will keep me sleeping at night for this one.

This 4300 miler is just a FUN RACE Right? ; )
Post by iconPost by wizz | 2012-10-13 | 03:55:27
Great news !
Then I can't wait for the Vendee Globe to start.
Why do we love your simulator? Because it works and it is so simple to use. True, more complex tools may be used by compulsive players who will spend 12 hours a day, but Zezo is the perfect mix of simplicity and efficacy.
Thank you so much for your help, see you around the world on the Vendée Globe !
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